Dimpy and Rahul Mahajan
Dimpy and Rahul MahajanTwitter/Bigg Boss

Day 114 in the "Bigg Boss 8" house was of accusations and betrayal.

Pritam Singh and Ali Quli Mirza questioned Karishma Tanna's stand on Rahul Mahajan's light-hearted flirtations. They said her snapping at him after Upen Patel's re-entry appeared made up adding that if she had problems with him she could have stated earlier.

This discussion led to a few revelations. KT said Dimpy shouldn't be upset with Rahul's advances because she too has a boyfriend and they have been living their lives separately for over a year now. She also shared with Upen how Ali told her that Dimpy has been clamouring for sympathy over the matter.

The "Grand Masti" actress also mentioned how the couple came upto to her to share their stories with her. However, both Dimpy and Rahul went back on their words denying having said something like that.

Majorly hurt and disappointed, Dimpy told estranged husband Rahul how Upen has asked Karishma to go out with her adding that if she wanted she could have exposed the secret talks KT initiated after they bonded.

However, this move didn't go down well with the viewers. They are blaming the separated couple for playing mind games. Here are some tweets:

smridhi jain: Really not getting dimpy... I thought she and rahul broke up 2 years ago and were not in touch and suddenly all dis love for him... #BB8

Mahesh Shenoy: THE MOST DIRTY GAME is being played by this DIMPY! She nominates Rahul, then cries for him, she tries to portray TANNA as EVIL! #BB8

Arati: #BB8 dimpy has to STOP talking n taking sympathy about her marriage to Rahul. High time.

In other news, the 'Call Centre' task wherein the Champions were made to sit in the garden area with telephone lines at their disposal, took calls made by the Challengers answering them with utmost sweetness. The "36 China Town" actor's call for Karishma was the cutest of all during which the two shared sweet nothings.