Puneet Issar
Puneet IssarPuneet Issar/ Twitter

Nivriti Issar, daughter of "Bigg Boss 8" contestant Puneet Issar, on Monday had supposedly put up a tweet about Karishma Tanna's late father, which has now landed her in controversy.

On Monday, Karishma and Puneet had a heated argument in the confession room during the nomination round. During the argument, Karishma told Puneet: "you are a potty mouth and that's why you talk shit," to which Puneet retorted "And you eat that potty."

The argument might have reminded several of us of a school fight, but there are some who took it seriously. Apparently, a twitter account with Nivriti Issar's name tweeted about Karishma's behavior and her father's death.

"Did her father die a natural death? or did he kill himself for having a daughter like her who has no sense??" the tweeted read. 

Following that, she received flak from "Bigg Boss 8" viewers and especially Karishma's fans. Viewers said that she should not talk about someone who is dead.

"Bigg Boss 6" winner Urvashi Dholakhia also criticised her and said that "I would never talk about someone who is no more ! Even I don't like the way Puneet talks but then again it's a 2 way street."

However, Navriti said that the account was fake and the tweet is shameful. 

"I immediately clarified regarding the same on my account. My family and I have been so disturbed ever since the tweet was posted. I am a daughter and my father is alive. I would never write anything against any daughter," she told The Times of India

Check out viewers reactions on Nivriti Issar's tweet below:

@sargunchopra: Puneet's daughter is as venomous as her father. She should apologize for her disgusting comment on @karishma_tanna #ISupportKarishma #BB8

‏@notmehdiraza: Glad to see Puneet has passed on his legacy with sheer fulfilment. Like father, like daughter. Repulsive. #BB8

@maha_872: what puneet's daughter saying laughing on someone death? How can some1 be so CHEAP @BeingSalmanKhan #BB8 @ColorsTV

‏@ShahidAddict: #BB8 puneet's daughter@Nivriti_issar blocked me. She thinks she shall defend her father. Ppl won't leave u if u spread filth here. Lol!!

@sksh_rana: Dignified tweet of Puneet's daughter Like Father Like Daughter-Disgusting @Nivriti_issar @BeingSalmanKhan

‏@Sakhi98: @TheDKBoss @Nivriti_issar : This is shame. Nivriti how cn u say this for someone.

Today you proved u r daughter of Puneet. #Evil #bb8

@tellmeseriously: Bully Puneet Issar daughter writes disturbing Tweet bout Karishma. Read how she refers to KTs fathers death #BB8

‏@LordPotter4eva: Puneet's daughter is just as vile, disgusting, classless & pathetic as her loser taklu father. She's made him proud.