Gautam Gulati
Gautam GulatiGautam Gulati/ Instagram

"Bigg boss 8" contestant Gautam Gulati's popularity is no secret. His journey to stardom wasn't an easy one and there are a few things he did which really made him a people's favourite.

His stint in the mad house is peppered with entertaining episodes. Here are a few defining moments from the show, which made him a star overnight.

The red chili paste-smearing incident was the first ugly controversy, in which the suave contestant called Karishma Tanna names. This led to him being sidelined and in the process, an object of scorn. However, after his repeated apologies were rejected, the viewers gave him the support he was looking for making him Mister Popular.

However, his ability to pick himself up again and move on with greater confidence was another reason why he has been loved so much.

His whirlwind romance with evicted contestant Diandra Soares is one of the other ways he hogged air-time. Nuzzling at the washroom area and singing to his woman grabbed quite a few eyeballs.

Puneet Issar and his bonding was a major highlight of the show. While housemates didn't appreciate the senior member's rough ways to deal with problems, Gautam lent his unending support to him.

His chocolate spread cravings made him quite adorable and his ways to deal with Sonali Raut's advances also put him in good books of the viewers. By not entertaining "The Xpose" fame actress' moves, he did prove that he was a one-woman man.

His confrontations with Karishma give enough fodder to the fans of the controversial reality show. From not agreeing to get her her makeup supplies to nominating one other whenever possible, the duo has kept the viewers interested with their love-hate relationship.

The 'Gautam City' task and the creation of chant 'We love, we love Gauti' is till date the high point of the entire series. As the dictator of his city, he entertained housemates with his quick wit and restored his sour friendship with Diandra.