Kamaal R Khan
Kamaal R Khan condemns Gautam-Diandra's bathroom act, calls Ali 'undignified'Facebook Official Page KRK

Actor, producer, film critic and now trade expert, Kamaal R Khan almost always has blatant takes on issues.

The recent Gautam Gulati-Diandra Soares bathroom incident on "Bigg Boss 8" has not only shocked viewers, but has been met with a rather inappropriate reaction from KRK. Condemning the act, he tweeted, "This #BiggBoss house should be called sex house. How can these Besharam contestants have sex in the bathrooms?."

This post comes after the twosome locked themselves up in the washroom, post the court room drama with Salman Khan on "Weekend ka Vaar".

Gautam, who has been wary of his image on the show, took no time to tag along with Diandra into one of the restrooms for his 'wild' birthday gift. A little stunned and shocked, Mr. Popular was again kissed on the lips by his girl in the housemates' presence.

Post such happenings, the couple got comfortable with the idea of cozying upto one another in washrooms. Meanwhile, KRK, who clearly follows the high-voltage reality show called Gautam 'courageous' for having kissed someone like Diandra. However, it was probably distasteful of him to have used inappropriate words to describe her.

"Gautam is really courageous boy who can flirt n kiss terrific looking girl Diandra. I shall kill myself before to even touch her #BiggBoss8," he tweeted adding, "I didn't even enter in the room of the girls in #BiggBoss3 And I refused to hug Sherlyn Chopra n agreed to go to Jail instead."

From viewers to the couple's family members, none are sure of what's on their minds. While Gautam's mother reportedly said that the romance was just for the game adding that her son would forget all about relationship once he's out, the supermodel's father opined Diandra was mature enough to handle such matters.

Interestingly, the Gautam-Diandra bonding has not only been disapproved by "BB8" followers but co-contestants as well. Pritam Singh, who was once the charming housemate's best friend, blamed him for playing it fake with his girls. On the other hand, Sonali Raut, who once had a soft spot for the bad guy, is left fuming after the couple's extreme PDA.