Gautam Gulati, Diandra Soares
Gautam Gulati, Diandra SoaresSnapshot from Colors' video

"Bigg Boss 8" contestants Gautam Gulati and Diandra Soares alleged love story is the talk of the town. But Gautam shocked Diandra and several viewers when he advised her to stay away from him.

Gautam and Diandra's bathroom and lip-locking scene has affected his fan following. His family, colleagues and fans have also said that the "Diya Aur Baati Hum" actor should stay from Diandra as it's affecting his popularity.

His fans and family members passed on the message to Gautam via the celebrities who were invited for the "Bigg Boss 8" party. And on Wednesday's episode the celebrities were seen advising Gautam that his fans are not appreciating his closeness with Diandra.

Sambhavna Seth, who is Gautam's good friend, told him that he should not play with his heart. She took Gautam near the bathroom area and told him how his image is getting spoiled after the bathroom and kissing scene. Later, Gautam promised the former "Bigg Boss" contestant that he will stay away from Diandra.

And it was quite visible in the promo of the next episode. In the promo, Gautam was seen telling Diandra that her hugging and kissing doesn't looks nice on-screen, and she should stop doing that.

After watching the promo Gautam's fans rejoiced saying that now he will play his game alone, but several other viewers slammed him for not taking a stand and blaming it all on Diandra.

Viewers said that both Gautam and Diandra were involved in the kissing and bathroom scene and he should have taken a stand supporting Diandra.

Check out the Twitter reactions below:

@whosayyolo: Ok so Gautam doesn't own up to his side and blames it all on diandra! How cheap! He WILLINGLY went with her & now this?! Jerk #bigboss8 #BB8

@DeepikaP_Lover: Gautam Saala !! Khud Karta hain Phir Blame Dusre Par Dalta Hain #BB8

@DeepikaP_Lover: Gautam saying Kiss Mat Karo,What was that when u kissed Sonali while dancing at night ?? #BB8

@BeingBearable: "@izastweets10: Gautam tum apne chances aur kharab karo.

Bathroom mein jatay tou khud the na! #BB8" RT

@AmulButterBaby: So Gautam agrees he ws doin just timepass with Diandra..where r his fans now? who were abusing me & sayin he likes her n all #BB8 #BiggBoss8

‏@TheDKBoss: exctly "Taali ek haath se nahi bajti" Gautam ne maze le liye ab SAINT ban raha gyaan to D.. HYPOCRITE

@mynaivehope: Gautam has fun in the bathroom and than says there is NO LOVE. Friends with benefits? #BB8

@nynishuyadav : "@whosayyolo: If Gautam wasn't looking bad enough already then he's looking worse now by blaming diandra! man up at least #BB8

@manigupta91: Wat els ws @diandrasoares13 expectin frm gautam? He'd distanced himslf frm her previously, still c chose 2 get involved wit him #bhukto

@BeingSamoN: Gautam has fun wth dyandra in the bathroom and than says there is NO LOVE. Friends with benefits? or chutzpah?

@BeingYasirkhan : #BB8 Gautam Gaulati litreally " GULATI " maar raha hai to improve his image just to win, desperate fake actor