Salman Khan, Bigg Boss
Salman Khan's 'Bigg Boss 8' to get a month-long extension?Screenshot from YouTube Video

Criticisms over the eviction of Kushal Tandon from Bigg Boss 7 for his alleged violent act against Tanisha Mukherjee and Andy, seems to have gotten into host Salman Khan's head, as the otherwise chilled out actor has lashed out at his fans, telling them not to waste their time watching the show.

The 47-year-old "Dabangg" actor took to Twitter to hit back at his fans, who have dubbed him as a biased host for evicting Kushal in a controversial decision.

"BB fans who don't like saturday n sunday episodes, plz don't waste your time sure u have v imp things to do. Elections coming up do vote," tweeted Salman Khan on Monday. "seriously if u don't like plz don't watch, even if 1 family member does not like it the rest  shld respect that n change the channel."

The viewers of television reality show, Bigg Boss 7 branded Salman Khan as biased for taking Tanisha Mukherjee's side, who is the sister-in-law of his close friend Ajay Devgn. After the controversial episode aired, a hashtag #UnfairSalman did the rounds on twitter for a few days.

However, a new hashtag, #WeLoveYouSalmanKhan is currently trending on Twitter, with fans expressing their support for the actor following his outburst on social networking site.

Salman had earlier said that fans can get upset, as things inside the Bigg Boss house is getting complicated every passing week.

"If thr is sm thing that bothers u, makes u uncomfortable, don't like then don't do, b a part or see it. Its the best, most simple solution," he had tweeted. "its ok  that sm people hv not liked BB7. Each 1 is entitled to thr opinions so no point in u guys fighting like BB7 on twitter."

"The format of the show is such that every week the games to win get complicated, contestants g upset, fans hurt but this is the show," he added.

Interestingly, Kushal had spoken in support of the "Dabangg" actor, saying that he too would have been biased to people close to him. He also told Zoom TV that Salman had apologized to him for the fiasco.