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Sandalwood fans were shocked to know on Wednesday that Pratham, who won Bigg Boss 4 Kannada, tried to commit suicide. Luckily, the timely intervention of his friends saved his life.

Pratham, who is currently hospitalised, took sleeping tablets at his house in Bengaluru. Before taking the extreme step, he streamed a Facebook Live video, in which he opened up on the pains he was going through post Bigg Boss Kannada. He accused his friend named Lokesh of emotionally torturing him and blamed the media for carrying out false news about him, which forced him to attempt suicide. 

Pratham was visibly upset by people's constant attack over his promise to donate the Bigg Boss award amount to charity. "I have received the cheque only now and I do not wish to keep a single penny to myself," he revealed in the video while displaying the cheque and passbooks related to his account.

Pratham added that there are many people who are making him emotionally weak these days. "Anything that I do is being wrongly projected. I cannot take it anymore. This will be my final Facebook Live video and sorry If I have hurt anyone."  [Watch his Facebook video below]

"Lokesh has been misusing my name from the days of Bigg Boss Kannada. Now, he is trying to malign my reputation by spreading wrong news," he claimed in the video. It has to be noted that Lokesh had recently filed a complaint against Pratham at Basaveshwara Nagar police station, accusing the Bigg Boss winner of assaulting him.

To prove his claims, Lokesh had revealed the telephonic conversation between them in which Pratham allegedly abused him. As per the complaint, the Kannada actor asked him to meet in Kamala Nagar and then manhandled him.

The Bigg Boss winner was apparently upset by the incident. Talking about the media, Pratham said, "They are claiming that I demand Rs 60,000 to attend an event organised by an orphanage which is not true. Even a status updated on my Facebook page is being interpreted in a wrong way. I never in my life even imagined of committing suicide in my life, but these people are not letting me lead a peaceful life. At least let my death become a lesson for you all," he said before ending the live streaming.