After beating up Ravi Mooruru on "Bigg Boss 3" Kannada, Huccha Venkat has tried to get physical with a film director. The shocking part of the story is that he tried to assault the filmmaker in a TV studio!

Huccha Venkat was in a Public TV to discuss about his "Bigg Boss" experience, his forthcoming films and other topics. During the conversation, the channel invited director Rishi, who had earlier made a movie named "Kotlallappo Kai". 

It is said that Rishi had threatened to file case against Huccha Venkat for using foul language in public and accused him of misleading youths with his antics. On seeing him in the studio, Venkat walked up to him and tried to beat him up before the crew intervened to control the situation.

Even though Rishi claimed he was a fan and he had only opposed the language, Huccha Venkat was in no mood to listen, and shouted at the anchor to send the director away from the show.

As per Huccha Venkat, Rishi does not have the quality to be his fan as he does not believe in his principles. In the end, the channel was forced to send Rishi out of the show.

Recently, Huccha Venkat shocked the entire state when he beat up Ravi Mooruru on "Bigg Boss 3" Kannada. During the weekend special show of Sudeep, he attacked the singer over some of his comments. As a result, he was evicted from the show immediately. 

Meanwhile, Huccha Venkat can been arrested by the cops, who can suo motu take up the case of Ravi Mooruru's assault. As of now, no case has been filed against Huccha Venkat over the incident.

On the other end, rumours are rife that Crazy Star Ravichandran has been approached for "Bigg Boss 3" Kannada. He is expected to stay on the show for two weeks. However, Ramya, who was also approached by the channel, has turned down the offer.