Huccha Venkat, who was considered 'good for nothing' by "Bigg Boss 3" Kannada inmates till recently, has succeeded in making them change their perception by coming out with a brilliant performance.

Huccha Venkat showed complete involvement in the latest task 'Badhuku Jataka Bandi". In fact, the Bigg Boss was so impressed by his performance that he rewarded 200 points as bonus, which will be crucial to fulfil their needs in the coming week, on Thursday's episode. 

The actor-producer took part in the cart-pulling assignment with low expectations. But he got involved actively and put his best in the task that helped the inmates get crucial points. This also silenced his critics inside the house who have been complaining about his lack of interest in tasks.

From a fan favourite, Huccha Venkat is now showing all signs of becoming a serious contender to stay till the last stages of the "Bigg Boss 3". The general opinion is that he reminds the audience of Narendra Babu Sharma, who was one of the best entertainers in the first season.

Like Sharma, Huccha Venkat too is liked by youths. Now, the family audience too have started liking him.

So far, Huccha Venkat has impressed people with his straight-forward attitude. Even though he appeared to be conservative and wanted women to be morally correct, his good-hearted nature have made people including inmates to ignore his drawbacks.

It was evident after actress Priyamani on stage said she liked Huccha Venkat.