Huccha Venkat and Ravi Mooruru had a serious clash on day 8 at "Bigg Boss 3" Kannada. As a result, the producer-actor threatened to attack the singer once they go out of the show.

It kick-started after Ravi Mooruru tried to advise Huccha Venkat over some issues. The singer was trying to explain him that due to his lack of participation in the previous task, they lost the luxury budget. He also pointed out his behaviour of demanding tea/coffee at midnight, which is a cause of concern for women. 

Huccha Venkat, in his usual way, was not ready to accept what Ravi Mooruru was trying to say. His stubbornness fuelled Mooruru's anger and he lost his temper. The singer told the producer-actor that he was not worried about what his boys were going to do once they leave the "Bigg Boss" house!

RJ Nethra and Rahman joined Ravi Mooruru and tried to convince Huccha Venkat but in a smooth way. Later, Venkat was seen telling Tsunami Kitty that he would beat the singer outside "Bigg Boss" house.

Huccha Venkat claimed that he controlled his anger but would not spare Ravi Mooruru once they leave the house. He also told that he respects women a lot and has not ordered them to prepare tea/coffee for him, rather requested them.

Other inmates tried to calm him down. They also told him not to say such things on TV.

Other highlights of the day 

1. Jayashree-Tsunami Kitty get maximum votes for elimination and now they are in danger zone.

2. Earlier in the day, Tsunami Kitty too attempted to make Huccha Venkat understand what others were saying. Without hurting his ego, he said that Venkat's intentions are good but he cannot have restrictive behaviour.

3. Later, Huccha Venkat was seen talking to himself where he tells that apart from his parents and wife, nobody can advise him.

4. Aiyappa and Neha Gowda were discussing about Huccha Venkat's demands and were not happy to see him asking for tea at midnight.

5. Bigg Boss provides special Karnataka Rajyotsava food for the inmates.

6. Bigg Boss gave a funny punishment for Huccha Venkat and Master Anand for failing to follow an order.

7. An pleasing sequence at Monday's episode was Pooja Gandhi feeding food to Huccha Venkat.

8. Huccha Venkat brings out Jayashree's smoking habit in the house at the confession room during the elimination process.

9. Venkat was seen telling Tsunami Kitty that he wants booze.