Sidharth Shukla becomes the winner of Bigg Boss 13
Sidharth Shukla becomes the winner of Bigg Boss 13Twitter

Sidharth Shukla's female fans are furious with a feminist for her critical remarks that he did not deserve to be the winner of Bigg Boss 13. They condemned her saying that she is the most popular contestant and has got the highest number of votes.

Post the grand finale of Bigg Boss 13, a lot has been written and spoken about whether Sidharth Shukla deserved to be the winner of this season. While Sid fans celebrate his victory, the fans of other finalists are trying to prove on social media why it did not deserve to be the titleholder. Some experts from different walks of life are also trying to prove the same in their respective dimensions.

In an article, A portal, which interprets the current affairs according to a woman's point of view, opined that Sidharth Shukla did not have the qualities that make him the winner of Bigg Boss 13. The author of the article expressed her unhappiness with the viewers supporting him. She asked a series of questions to the audience.

The author felt that the viewers might have considered his work as a hero in serial and voted him. But they seem to have not taken his performance on Bigg Boss 13. She asked in her article, "I would like to know if someone like Sidharth- short-tempered, ill-mannered, entitled and indolent could be a role model to anyone. Would the people who voted for him see him as a potential son-in-law?"

The author added, "I am a mother and I wouldn't want my daughter to marry someone like him, neither would I want to marry an entitled man like him. Throughout the season, did he show his humane side- either towards men or women. He lacked basic human emotions like love, tolerance, sympathy and even patience. You know, just those basics that make you a good, decent human being?"

Sidharth Shukla with Salman Khan at Bigg Boss 13 grand finale
Sidharth Shukla with Salman Khan at Bigg Boss 13 grand finaleTwitter

Female fans expressed disagreement

Many fans of Sidharth Shukla especially female ones were upset with the author of the article. In reply to the portal's tweet, some of his female fans expressed their disagreement with her views expressed in the article. They said that he very much deserved to be the winner of Bigg Boss 13 and she should stop playing a woman card.

Here is how Sidharth Shukla's female fans reacted to feminist's views:

Neha Lotlikar @Lotliquor

It's ur ego that made you write this! Don't call urself Feminist & demand equal right for Women when you are promoting that Women need to be treated differently than Men,I mean Why? Are we different or not able enough to fight for ourself.I am a Woman & I Support @sidharth_shukla

Madu #BlindSidHeart @9_maddy

Have research before writing under tag called woman. The person on whom u have written this post against is the only one proved gender equality by his words & actions. Real life women who preaches woman empowerment are supporting him!! So cut ur crap down #SidharthShuklaFever

Riya Singh @Riya_SinghReal

Another woman card,on a large scale. Don't you know he got huge VOTES, from his #Sidhearts?Millions of ppl love him.He got aggressive,We'hv seen the show & know the reason well. You ppl,who try to defame him, exist & that doesn't bother us AT ALL. #SidharthShuklaFever He got huge support from #Sidhearts-A massive fandom inclined towards him against odds. We constitute huge audience,have brains & voted the most deserving man in house. You are no one to declare him annoying.D@mn u! Result is out & audience has its Winner. #SidharthShuklaFever

Spandan Roy @Spandan20791713

When an acid attack survivor congratulates you on your win and calls you a gem of a person do we need any other certificate #SidharthShuklaFever

Bhav I @bhavanai24

What is wrong with you all ppl? Sidhearts are equal in number of both gender. The whole nation has made him a winner. Ppl like you are not able to digest the fact. Most of the contestants in BB13 choosed him the winner which include the female contestants #SidharthShuklaFever

❣️ Kaur ❣️ @iKaurRimi

When will you stop playing Woman card & cry like the losers on a large scale? He won the title by VOTES of public in which women also love him the way He is We'hv seen the show & know the reason of his anger YOU,who try to defame him,doesn't bother us AT ALL #SidharthShuklaFever

Julie ❤️ SidHeart ❤️ @Julie13087774

I am also a woman I never saw Sid doing anything wrong, he is real & he believes in gender equality, Which I feel is fantastic I love #SidharthShukla & I am proud of him #SidharthShuklaFever

Amaira ❤ ❤ @critiqueamaira

Not sure whats ur intent here as things said arent right. Sid is complete package of emotions, care, chivalrous, witty. Agression was small part & only whn provoked Despite his rivalry, being there 4 Rashmi, Devo r sme eg of goodness. Man with a good heart #SidharthShuklaFever