Sidharth Shukla and Rashami Desai

It has not even been three weeks but the drama and tension inside the house knows no bounds. While new connections are formed and broken every day, Rashami and Sidharth continue to be at loggerheads.

In a recent episode, Rashami Desai had revealed that Sidharth Shukla used to abuse her while they were working on 'Dil Se Dil Tak'. While talking to Devoleena, Desai had said, "Vo mujhe gaaliyon se vaar karta thha, main pyaar se." She also told Devoleena that Sidharth that maker had set up a meeting with the channel people to since they couldn't handle Rashami and Sidharth's fights. Rashami also spilled the beans on Sidharth's aggressive nature and said that he had even gone to the makers asking them to remove her from the show. And while the makers didn't ask her to leave the show, Sidharth himself left the show.

However, the biggest shocker came when Paras revealed that Sidharth Shukla's driver is now his driver and he knows a lot about him. Talking to Devoleena he said that Sidharth had gone to rehab for a year and had a pot-belly. He added that Sidharth took a lot of steroids before entering the house to be in the shape that he is in now and that's why keeps eating so many tablets.

Nonetheless, actress Mahika, who claims to be a close friend of Sidharth, said that the allegations are false. "I have known Sidharth Shukla for a long time. He is very kind and down to earth. He was never in rehab. I was in contact with him all the time. He is one of my great friends. The way Paras is talking about him on national television is really not acceptable. Bigg Boss should make him say sorry. Even as per my knowledge, he didn't leave the show for any dispute with production or his co-actors. It was some other reason, which people should wait for him to make it public," she said in a statement.

Sidharth was recently sent to the jail along with Shehnaz Gill. Sidharth locked himself up inside the jail's bathroom and punched the walls of the bathroom several times. There were rumours of Sidharth and Rashami dating while they were shooting the show but Rashami clarified on Bigg Boss that there was no such thing. She also added that if they had ever dated she would have never agreed to come to Bigg Boss with him.