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09.55: Salman announces that Saba is the next contestant to be evicted from the house. Srishty are Surbhi are safe for another week.

09.45: Salman informs the housemates about the double eviction which leaves the nominated contestants shocked. Surbhi, Saba, Srishty are still nominated. 

09.40: For the sultaani akhaada, instead of single inmates, Salman calls out for a team. Sreesanth, Shivashish and Jasleen are in one team. Deepak, Surbhi and Romil are in the other team. Surbhi's team wins the first round of dangal. Sultaani akhaada is won by Jasleen, Sreesanth and Shivashish's team. 

09.25: Salman starts telling everyone statements made by the housemates one-by-one and they have to identify who said it and break an egg on them. Deepak breaks the egg on Somi, Jasleen breaks one egg on Saba and the other one on Surbhi, Dipika breaks the egg on Sreesanth's head, Megha on Romil's head and the other one on Rohit's head.

09.20: Salman praises Rohit and tells him how excited the girls were when Rohit had first entered the house. Rohit is made to sit on a couch which is shaped like lips, Salman asks housemates to nominate one person they would want to see next to Rohit. Rohit chooses Srishty who joins him on the couch. 

09.15: Salman announces that Anup Jalota is the first one to be evicted tonight. However, housemates are still unaware of the fact that there would be one more eviction tonight. Meanwhile, housemates start fighting with Sreesanth over the mixture he had created. 

09.10: Appy fizz caller of the week asks Sreesanth that he talks about humanity every now and then but during the captaincy task he had mixed detergent with water. The caller asks Sreesanth how could he do this if he talks about humanity everytime. Salman clarifies that Bigg Boss had called Shivashish and had reminded him of the rules because of which Sreesanth threw away the mixture he had made. Salman asks Sreesanth to declare in mic if he is doing any such prank. 

09.05: Dipika says that now that kitchen had been taken from her, she would happily clean the bathroom area. Salman reveals that through a campaign, audience had revealed that they would like to see Dipika in the bathroom area. What was surprising was the fact that audience wished to see Deepak and Karanvir in the kitchen. Deepak says that almost all the housemates had agreed to the tasks he had given, except for Karanvir and Shivashish. He also adds that even Sreesanth doesn't contribute to the household work and comes up with excuses. 

09.01: In a Bigg Chef competition inside the house, Dipika Kakkar and Megha Dhade participate. They both cook two items each and then give them to the housemates. The housemates have to decide whose food item was better. When Salman asks who won the competition, housemates take name Megha's name in majority. Salman also tastes the food and declares Megha as the winner.

Tonight's episode of weekend ka vaar, is going to be 'egg'straordinary with housemates breaking eggs on each other's heads in a guess who made the statement game. While the game would bring along a laughter riot inside the house, many would feel the equations changing with shocking statements made against them.

It would be interesting to see which of the two contestants from the nominated batch – Surbhi Rana, Saba Khan, Srishty Rode and Anup Jalota – would leave the house in tonight's surprise double eviction

Keep watching this space for the detailed live updates at 9 pm.