Nehha pendse

When one of the most famous names from the entertainment industry – Nehha Pendse – joined Bigg Boss 12 house, we were sure of some crackling performance and firecracker attitude.

Fans also wanted to see some competition and friction between contemporaries Nehha Pendse and Dipika Kakkar but to no avail. Not only did Nehha maintain a calm and composed behaviour inside the house but also refrained from any confrontations or arguments. Her no-fight-attitude led her to be called the 'biggest bewakoof' in the house.

However, when the diva was evicted from the show within a few of it being aired, fans were left hugely disappointed. Fans ran campaigns on Twitter asking the makers to bring her back but all their cries fell on deaf ears. When Sreesanth and Anup Jalota re-entered the house, hopes of Nehha making a re-entry again spiked up. But, again, nothing official ever came from the makers.

And now, the latest we hear is that the diva had indeed been invited to be back on the show but, her clauses and terms made the makers back off. It has been reported that Pendse demanded a 'hefty sum', even bigger than what she was getting before to re-enter the house.

When Nehha had been evicted, many reports claimed that it was Nehha's humongous fee, coupled with her non-performance which made the users purposefully nominate her and evict her from the house.

Many of you would remember that while the trio – Sreesanth, Karanvir Bohra and Nehha Pendse had taken their names for the kaal-kothri, it was Bigg Boss himself who nominated them for eviction. It wasn't the housemates nor was it the voting.

Reportedly, both Karanvir and Nehha were getting an equal amount of Rs 20 lakh per week for being a part of the show. But, between the two, Karanvir had emerged as a better and more active player.

Well, all we can do is hope Nehha comes back with some added energy and spark to set the house on fire again.