Bigg Boss Twitter

Nehha Pendse might have been evicted from the Bigg Boss house, but, the diva has certainly not been forgotten by her fans and followers. From her workout videos, statements to Instagram pictures; there's nothing that the fans miss.

Though much is not known about her love-life, but it has been said that the diva gained a lot of suddenly in the year 2017. Even on the show, Nehha had spoken openly about how difficult it was for her to shed those extra kilos.

While talking to TOI, Nehha had said that breakup was the reason behind her sudden weight gain. She said, "I immersed myself in work to distract my mind from the personal crisis. But that was a wrong decision – it's always better to address the issue rather than fake a calm demeanour. It was a beautiful relationship but it was not meant to be. Everything was fine and I was even willing to move to the US post marriage since he is an NRI, but he developed cold feet at the last moment. He assumed that being an actress, I would be too career oriented to become a homemaker."

Delving further into her weight gain, she said, "When everything failed, I underwent a series of tests and was diagnosed with hormonal imbalance, which is caused by stress. We pay a lot of attention to our diet, but never to our mental health. I have started medication and it will take me time to lose those extra kilos healthily."

When the diva was evicted from the show within a few of it being aired, fans were left hugely disappointed. Fans ran campaigns on Twitter asking the makers to bring her back but all their cries fell on deaf ears.

The latest we hear is that the diva had indeed been invited to be back on the show but, her clauses and terms made the makers back off. It has been reported that Pendse demanded a 'hefty sum', even bigger than what she was getting before to re-enter the house.