Priyank Sharma
Priyank Sharma in Bigg Boss 11Twitter

Priyank Sharma is the latest participant to be evicted from the Bigg Boss 11 house. The handsome hunk had hogged limelight inside the show for various reasons.

Priyank had remained in news for his fights with various contestants, breakup with Divya Agarwal, and apparent love story with Benafsha Soonawalla, among other things.

In an exclusive interview with International Business Times, India, Priyank opened up about all the controversies, his equation with various Bigg Boss 11 contestants, and a lot more.

Priyank said that he is worried for Vikas Gupta, and spoke about the confusion surrounding his breakup with Divya. He also revealed if he had feelings for Benafsha.

Here are the excerpts from the interview:

International Business Times: How do you feel about being evicted from the show when the finale was so close?

Priyank: All of us wanted to go in the finale and win the show, but honestly I am satisfied. I am satisfied with all that had happened, and the way I exited. I am really happy with the entire experience.

IBT: Are you feeling bad for Vikas Gupta as he has no friend inside the house now?

Priyank: Of course, I mean now the entire house is apparently against Vikas. Now, it is almost the end of the game, and everybody is playing for themselves. So, I am a bit worried about Vikas.

IBT: Do you consider Hina Khan and Luv Tygai as friends?

Priyank: Of course, I do consider them as my friends. We were in a show and we were competing against each other but we are strong people. We also had some clashes as Hina had her own opinion, I had my own, and that is okay. I cannot judge my friendship with Hina on the basis of the arguments we had in the show. We were friends inside the show and hopefully will remain so outside also. Same is the case with Luv too. Arguments happen and it is normal. We say certain things in anger and make mistakes. It is just a show, and we have a better, deeper picture which is real life.

IBT: What do you have to say about the entire Benafsha episode?

Priyank- Benafsha is the dearest and a great friend of mine. I really love her, and she has been the most important part for me in the show. She also said the same thing after her eviction, and I should also say that we are just great friends.

IBT: But you confessed in the show once that you have feelings for her.

Priyank: That was at a point in time when we two actually used to pull each other's legs. Obviously, when you start living with a person for a long time, you start feeling something. I won't say it was anything like dating or liking, but I always had this protective sense towards her.

IBT: Now, tell us about the biggest controversy that is regarding Divya Agarwal. Did the breakup happen before you went to the show or after?

Priyank: I want to make it very clear. Our relationship was not working, and so I told her this before I entered the house. And then the same week I entered the show. As we don't have phones inside the house, maybe there were certain things she wanted to clarify and so, she came in the show. She did that, and I did my part. She is single, I am single, and we are happy. I really respect her even today even after all that had happened. Right now I am just focusing on my career, and I am sure even she is.

IBT: Who do you think is playing the dirtiest inside the house?

Priyank: No one is playing dirty inside the house. All of us have made a lot of mistakes in the show. So, I cannot be saying someone is playing dirty. We all made mistakes, but we improved a lot too. You must have noticed that the fights inside the house stopped to a great extent lately.

IBT: Do you have any regret?

Priyank: Of course, I do have a lot of regrets. I have made a lot of mistakes in the show. I don't want to talk about it as it is past now. There could have been a better way of handling all the mistakes. But what is more important is to see the positive side of all these. My relationships with all the people in the show improved, and it is all fine. There is no grudge at all. Be it Arshi, Shilpa, Hina, Luv, Vikas, Ben or Sapna.

IBT: What is your next career plan?

Priyank: Right now, I just want to focus on my craft -- acting and dancing.