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Are you relaxed now that you are out of the mad house?

(Laughs) Well, not relaxed. I am not happy that I am out, I wanted to stay for long. This eviction was very sudden for me, I wasn't prepared for this. And it is so weird and funny to see the people you were living with on TV, I can't stop laughing.

Anything that surprised you?

I only saw last night's episode that was shot when I was inside.

Will you be watching the show every day?

Yes, absolutely. The only difference is that earlier I was staying inside for 24*7 and now I have to wait all day to watch one episode.

You were never close to Shilpa Shinde earlier, what happened in the recent times that got you together?

Yes, I know. She's a sweetheart and a lovely lady. She is playing the game with a pure heart and with fun. And I used to speak to her always but she was always with Arshi. Everyone has a relationship inside the house.

About Hina Khan...

She is very negative. She can never accept mistakes – she justifies herself instead of being guilty. She is mean and gets personal. She forgets that this is not the final task that we are in after all.

Bandgi Kalra, Hina Khan
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Who plays the most politics inside the house?

Everyone does. This season has everyone playing their best and knows politics. Arshi and Akash are playing very well.

Do you know that Puneesh and Akash have patched up?

Absolutely yes and I really want to see whether he will stick with his friend or play his game. I so wanted to be in the house to watch all this.

Your brother had made a statement that Puneesh and your relationship was just a strategy and they are not comfortable with the bond overall. What do you have to say about that?

I was inside. I have no idea what statements they have given. But I believe it was maybe to stop media and people to comment on Puneesh and my relation. It's a real bond, we are dating. I am waiting for him to come out.

Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma's intimate moments in the Bigg Boss 11 house
Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma's intimate moments in the Bigg Boss 11 houseTwitter

Have you met your parents? You said in the house that they won't accept you...

No, I am in Mumbai. They don't live here. Will see them in a couple of days. I have spoken to my parents and they are absolutely fine. They were watching the show from the public's point of view. Dad is, after all, a dad, even if the kid is 40 years or 20 years. They will scold you and I will listen to them patiently because I have done mistakes. I had no clue that even the smallest conversations between Puneesh and me would become headlines outside.

And what do you have to say about your ex-boyfriend Dennis Nagpal?

Dennis is eating the cake for free! I was inside the house and he took the advantage and grabbed all the publicity. My chapter with him is shut.

Will you sort out things with Dennis?

If I wanted to clear things with him, I wouldn't have dated Puneesh. I haven't done anything just for the game.

Dennis Nagpal, Bandagi Kalra (left), Dennis Nagpal, Puneesh Sharma (right)
Dennis Nagpal, Bandagi Kalra (left), Dennis Nagpal, Puneesh Sharma (right)IANS/Twitter

Have you forgiven Priyank Sharma?

No, he hasn't apologised to me.

Who's your true friend apart from Puneesh?

Vikas and Shilpa have been true companions.

Why does no one comment on Hiten Tejawani?

It's because Hiten does absolutely nothing. Outside world he's 'The' Hiten Tejawani. And inside the house, he is the elder one -- everyone respects him and one thinks 100 times before saying anything to him rudely. I think it's high time, it's the 10th week and he needs to stand out now! He ignores things a lot of times.

What was the first thing you did after coming out of the house?

I debunked the fake rumour about my dad being hospitalised and me being thrown out of the house in Mumbai. That was utter rubbish. I am sitting in the same house and talking to you right now and my father is also doing absolutely fine.

Did you feel bad that Luv Tyagi was saved?

I was expecting him to get eliminated. I was shocked. He hasn't done anything till now. He only goes to gym and gossips.His luck is very strong though.

If Hina Khan apologizes to you, what will you do?

I have my serious doubts whether she will because she has a big ego problem. She didn't even feel apologetic in front of Salman Khan. But if she does, I will forgive her. I tried a lot to like Hina in the beginning. There were days when I had absolutely no problems with her but then she would do something at the end of the day and it would turn into disliking her.

Hina Khan is one celebrity in the house who hasn't behaved like one. She loves talking about people's class and standards. She brags about her 'expensive' stuff. But that's a small thing but taunting people constantly over their class is wrong. She should not forget that if you are a celebrity in this house, the opposite person has also done something to reach here and will step out of the house with a celebrity tag. One needs to maintain the celebrity tag and not ruin it. I feel she has destroyed it for herself.

What do you have to say about Priyank Sharma and Benafasha Soonawala's relationship?

They said it was a friendship but I felt it was for the game. Well, they never accepted it but it's their choice in the end.

Puneesh Bandgi
Puneesh Bandgi in Bigg Boss 11Voot

What hurt you the most in the house?

When Arshi and Hina turned the entire house against Puneesh and me. That was the most disappointing thing.

What was your happiest moment in the house?

Everyday in Bigg Boss was worth cherishing except a few tasks and fights. The day I entered was the best thing!

One secret about Bigg Boss that nobody knows?

It's such a world that one can forget your own people. It's a magical world. When I came out, I didn't miss TV or phone, I just wanted to go back there.

What is your next plan -- how will you shape up your career after Bigg Boss?

I hope people see me and I am open to everything. Let's see what comes my way. Will try and start my routine soon.