Priyanka Jagga
Priyanka Jagga on Bigg Boss 10.Bigg Boss/ Twitter

Evicted Bigg Boss 10 contestant Priyanka Jagga said she is married to a Canadian and has two kids with him. However, her ex-boyfriend DJ Gautam Arora has now revealed that the couple has been living separately for three years.

Arora told DNA that he dated Jagga for a few months, but walked away after her being a party person got a little too much for him to handle. "I met her at the launch of Asom Club in Dwarka. We dated for four to five months. I left her as I did not like her partying ways. She was only after money. Moreover, she had many other friends," Arora added.

For BB10 auditions, Jagga had some help from Arora as she didn't have any inside reach in the television industry. He further revealed that she isn't a marketing consultant or even a struggling actress, all of what she said on TV and is up on her social media profiles is untrue.

Arora's account contrasts Jagga's side of the story; she had offered prayers on Karva Chauth. But, Arora has a retort to that too. "Someone should ask her for whom was she keeping it," he said.

Jagga's elimination came as good, but shocking news. A quick analysis of the eviction pattern of Bigg Boss will tell you that one who picks unnecessary fights and annoys fellow inmates with his/ her antics stays the longest. Jagga has done all that and more, and yet, is out in the first week.

While the speculation is she might return to the show, Jagga, in her Facebook posts, made it clear that her BB10 journey has ended for good.