Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper in 'The Big Bang Theory'
Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper in 'The Big Bang Theory'Facebook/ The Big Bang Theory

Amy and Sheldon have been slow in taking their relationship forward. After kissing and finally professing their love for one another, there haven't been any major moments in their relationship, and Sheldon seems to be content with the status quo.

But Amy will get her hopes high in the next episode titled "The Fortification Implementation" when Sheldon suggests she spend the night. However, the fact that it's going to be a platonic sleepover is going to disappoint her.

According to the plot summary, Sheldon ruins date night for Amy when he realises he hasn't been invited to a physics symposium at Richard Feynman's former home. This brings back unpleasant childhood memories where he remembers being left out of the forts built by his brother and sister.

"Together Amy and Sheldon build their own fort and decide to have a platonic sleepover in the fort," the summary reads.

Knowing Sheldon, nothing interesting will happen during the sleepover. But this hasn't stopped fans from expecting Amy and Sheldon to get romantic.

"I live for the day that Sheldon gives Amy some coitus," tweeted a fan, while another wrote: "'Sheldon and Amy have a sleepover' ITS FINALLY HAPPENING."

Besides Sheldon and Amy's relationship drama, the episode will also see Howard realising that he has a half-brother, and Penny gets yet another chance to restart her acting career when she gets an offer to be in Kevin Smith's movie "Clerks 3".

The plot summary also hints that Leonard will feel insecure when he realises that Penny earns twice as much as he does.

"Director Kevin Smith calls in and offers Penny to try-out for his new film Clerks 3 which displeases Leonard since she already has a great job. Through this conversation Leonard finds out that Penny makes twice as much money as him, and that she has a hired broker who takes care of her finances. Leonard is intrigued that he has a doctorate and still has to pay for college, but makes less money, so Penny offers to help him pay his debt," the plot summary reads.

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