Beyonce - Jay Z
Beyonce Jay Z shared an intimate kiss during the On The Run tour.@Beyonce/Instagram

Since the elevator incident, rumors have been rife that star couple Beyonce and Jay Z could be headed for a divorce. However, on Saturday night's "On the Run" concert, the couple shared an intimate kiss before the public - a sign to the fans that the couple's marriage is on solid ground.

There have been multiple reports that the couple has been taking the help of a marriage counselor, after their marriage hit turbulent grounds over the rumored affairs of Jay Z.

Jay Z may have cheated with at least five women on Beyonce, according to reports.

The Solange outburst in the lift, in which she is seen attacking Jay Z while Beyonce coldly watches the drama unfold, took place after the family found out about Jay's affairs.

Since then, the couple has been trying to work on their relationship.

In the second concert of the "On the Run" held at the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, the couple not only delivered a power packed performance, but also put to rest the speculations on their marriage.

The otherwise reserved couple during the show shared an intimate moment with a lingering kiss before a jam- packed audience. Later, Beyonce even shared the pictures of the kiss on Instagram.

In the photo, Jay Z is seen leaning towards Beyonce while passionately kissing his wife full on the lips. And Beyonce too could be seen responding to the kiss, with equal enthusiasm and warmth.

From the start of the concert, the first-leg which was held in Miami, the couple shared several intimate videos from their wedding day. The video shows, the couple exchanging their wedding vows.

And during the show, the picture of Beyonce-Jay Z's daughter Blue Ivy was put up several times, which is again is a message to the fans that the power couple's marriage, despite its problems, is not headed for a divorce.

Before Bey and Jay kicked off their first-ever joint tour, there were reports doing the round that the show was experiencing poor ticket sales. However, the last two-shows contrary to that have seen a huge-crowd turn around.

The final leg of the concert will be hosted at Paris in September.