Melania Trump

After Melania Trump became the butt of jokes for her Christmas photos and paved way for some hilarious memes for sharing a laugh with Barack Obama, the Trump wife was trending yet again on May 22. The FLOTUS became the talk of the town following reports of a sinkhole being spotted on the lawn of the White House.

According to a White House reporter, the sinkhole appeared on the North Lawn, which is right outside the press briefing room. The hole has been there for almost a week now and is growing deeper with every passing day.

The update from the White House triggered a series of jokes on social media platforms about the First Lady, suggesting that it is Melania's failed attempt at digging an escape tunnel.

"Melania's escape tunnel has been discovered," a user said. "Y'all just gonna expose Melania's escape route like dat?" tweeted a Twitter user.

"The growing sinkhole at the White House is a. Hell saying welcome b. A deep state   passageway c. Escape route for Melania that could work d. Javanka's graceful exit e. The Swamp engulfing the criminals  f. All of the above  g. None of the above," added another.

"Melania was trying to tunnel her way to freedom and misjudged the distance. Now we know where she has been the last two weeks #sinkhole," a tweet read.

Even Jimmy Kimmel couldn't resist taking a dig at the sinkhole-Melania situation:

Others excluded Melania but delivered some hilarious memes: