The II PUC English exam, which had been postponed due to the lockdown, was conducted on June 18th. On Friday, hardly a day after the exam, a student in Jayanagar has tested positive for COVID-19, an online tweet claims. However, an official confirmation from local authorities on the matter is still awaited. 

A student in Jayanagar, who sat the II PUC English exam, which was conducted under much supervision, tested positive for coronavirus on Friday, June 19, a social media message is doing the rounds online. State Education Minister Suresh Kumar had earlier announced his jubilation over the smooth conduct of the exam.

Students take their examination in an exam hall. [Representational Image]Reuters

II PUC student tests positive following an exam?

On June 18, the Karnataka Government conducted the II PUC English exam which had been postponed for months since March. The students who were in limbo due to the lockdown finally could finish their final exam.

The state government had announced special measures to ensure the student's safety and make sure social distancing was strictly maintained. In fact, the government had decided that students from containment zones would sit in separate rooms and students who showed symptoms of cough, cold, fever, etc. would sit in another room. 

Despite these measures and more, there can't be complete insularity in an exam as large-scale as a state-wide examination. In a new development, a new report has emerged on social media, about a student testing positive for COVID-19 after writing the exam conducted yesterday in Jayanagar, 4th Block, Bengaluru.

The officials have also tracked down the college where the student wrote the exam NMKRV, college in Jayanagar, the tweet further claimed. Twenty-three other students were reportedly in the same examination hall. 

Official confirmation of the news is still awaited, regarding contact-tracing. Moreover, the Education Minister Suresh Kumar had expressed his satisfaction over the "smooth conduct" of the examination.