Bengaluru violence
ry message' posted by a politician's relative on social media. A mob gathered outside Congress legislator Akanda Srinivas Murthy's house where they shouted slogans against the post and also resorted to arson. The mob was demanding the arrest of Naveen, who is related to Murthy and rioted in DJ Halli, KG Halli and Pulakeshi Nagar. (Photo: IANS)IANS

11th August was a dark day for Bengaluru, as riots broke out in East Bengaluru. It all started with a controversial social media post and mobs took law into their own hands in the city. In the events, which have left three dead and over fifty injured, strict measures have been imposed on the areas of unrest.

As a political debate ensues on the riot, the Bengaluru administration has sprung into action trying to get the situation back under control.

  • Section 144 imposed in Bengaluru

Section 144 has been imposed on limits of DJ Halli and KG Halli police stations following the violence on 11th August. The imposition will continue till 6 am on 15th August, the Bengaluru city police have said. 

Meanwhile, the police have also filed an FIR against 17 of the main accused in the case of the riots in Bengaluru. 3 were declared dead and over 50 have been left injured due to the violence. The police had said to ANI on Wednesday that over 110 people were arrested in connection to the case. 

  • CM orders magisterial probe
Karnataka chief minister BS Yediyurappa
Karnataka chief minister BS YediyurappaTwitter

Karnataka CM Yediyurappa took to Twitter to condemn the violence that took place in the city on 12th August, assuring the people he had said, "The attack on journalists, the police and the public in the riot last night is unpredictable. The government will not tolerate such provocations and rumours. Strict action against perpetrators is certain. I appeal to people to act restraint without being charged." 

The chief minister also said, "The District Magistrate has ordered a thorough investigation into the riots that took place in the jurisdiction of Godavanavahalli and Kadugodanahalli police stations in Bangalore."  

  • Pakistani government protests Bengaluru violence

The Pakistani government on Wednesday said in a statement that it would not stand for the "derogatory" post on Prophet Mohammad. This was with regard to the inflammatory post on FB that set off violent riots in the city. The government also alleged that the police hadn't prevented this hate crime.  A spokesperson of the foreign affairs ministry said, "Pakistan condemns & lodges strong protest with India on derogatory social media post against the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Rising incidents of religious hate crime in India are a direct consequence of RSS-BJP combine's extremist ideology of 'Hindutva'."

The Pakistani Foreign Affairs Ministry's statement shared on social media read, "The Indian police instead of preventing this hate crime against Muslims and Islam, used brute force, killed at least three protesters, and injured many more. As an added injustice, the Muslim community in the area is being falsely framed for alleged vandalism and assault on police personnel."

It is yet to be seen what will emerge in the debate on the events on 11th August, as Bengaluru tries to handle the situation.