Bengaluru: People shield themselves using umbrellas during rains in Bengaluru on July 20, 2020.
Bengaluru: People shield themselves using umbrellas during rains in Bengaluru on July 20, 2020. IANS

Bengaluru has been facing high rainfall in the past few days. And since last week, parts of the city were choked due to the rain and consequent waterlogging. Many scenes were witnessed where citizens showcase how badly the city was hit.

Meanwhile, BBMP had released the list of contacts and control rooms to help in the case of waterlogging and flood. However, this isn't the story of this year, it's something that has been happening in the past 5 years.

Citizen's complaint against waterlogging in the past 5 years

On Sunday, a video was circulated on social media showing a citizen of Bengaluru describing the situation. Standing in the middle of a waterlogged residential area, knee-deep in water, in Sai Baba Layout she said, "Here you can see this is my house, everything has gone for a toss, this is not the first year which has happened. This is the fifth year every year I've lost everything. And who is responsible for it? The government is responsible or the corporator is responsible, or BBMP is responsible, or we local people here are responsible?" 

She further said that she has decided she won't vote and neither will the people living in the area. Complaining about the apathy of the government and BBMP she said that she has lost her new car, and it was the same situation last year. She asserted that people deserve compensation and a solution to the problem.

In another scene, over the weekend, a woman was seen kayaking outside her home in the waterlogged area. However, for citizens, the high intensity of rainfall and waterlogging are no new concept. While some have made peace with the situation others have reached their limit.

Bengaluru rain

BBMP conducts inspection of Storm Water Drains

On Saturday, the BBMP conducted inspections of Storm Water Drains after Manyata Tech Park was entirely flooded following the rains on Tuesday and Wednesday. The rains are expected to continue till Monday. On September 9th and 10th alone the city recorded over 100 mm of rain in 15 wards. 

BBMP inspects Storm water drains

The inspections were conducted at Manyata Tech Park and Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research in Jakkur. BBMP Commissioner Manjunatha Prasad had said on Twitter, "Inspected the Storm Water drains at Manyata Tech Park and Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research at Jakkur and gave specific directions to prevent overflowing and flooding."

BBMP administrator Gaurav Gupta had gone on the inspection, he was reported as saying that the officials need to come up with an action plan within a week's time. 

The BBMP council's term ended after 5 years last week following which Gaurav Gupta was appointed as the administrator until the elections in December this year. 

Status quo over past five years

As citizens complain that the situation has been pretty much the same in the past five years, BBMP has asserted that it had worked towards ending waterlogging in the city and quick action. In 2019, it had looked like BBMP had a full-proof solution of injection wells and percolation pits to combat waterlogging under underpasses in the city. However, the plan is still underway.

If we look at the reports from the past five years, every year, waterlogging is reported from different parts of the city year-on-year. In 2015, the BBMP had cleared bottlenecks in traffic spots to ease stormwater draining, but waterlogging was still reported in numerous areas. In July, 2016, people were seen fishing on Bengaluru roads as the city flooded. 

Bengaluru rains 2016

In October 2017, the Silicon city had received the highest rainfall it had in the past 115 years. This left houses destroyed in some parts of the city and heavily inundated roads and residential areas. In September 2018, again rains were reported in the city leaving areas waterlogged in HSR Layout, Kormangala, JP Nagar and others where complaints were received by BBMP.

Bengaluru rains 2019

October 2019 also brought rains to Bengaluru leaving the Yelahanka zone inundated and citizens witnessed a damp Diwali. The situation still remains largely bothersome in 2020. Perhaps, work is being done, however, the results of the work aren't showing clearly or as quickly enough. Years of encroachment, unregulated construction as well as negligence can't be overturned overnight.