The Bengaluru police arrested a native of Rajasthan working as a jeweller in the city for murdering his wife and posing it as an accident. A 27-year-old Tej Singh had married Deepal Konvar (27) from his village of Hariyali in Rajasthan nearly three years back. Singh was unhappy with his marriage and wanted to get rid of his wife by killing her and making it look like a road accident.

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The crime scene

The incident took place on November 17 when Singh took his wife on a drive to Nandi Hills outside the city in a self-drive rented car which was booked by his friend. The couple had dinner and was en route to the hill fortress when he parked the car near an isolated area and committed the crime.

According to the reports, Singh pushed his wife out of the car near Bachahalli Gate and ran over her multiple times till she was dead. After murdering his wife, Singh damaged the car using a stone to make it look like an accident. He then called the traffic control room and told police that they got into an accident on their way to Nandi Hills. He told cops that his wife asked him to stop the car as she was feeling uneasy and as she got out of the car an unidentified vehicle knocked her and ran over her.

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Accused confesses during police interrogation 

The Kempegowda International Airport traffic police were not convinced with the story and became suspicious of the incident by the looks of the rented car as it did not look like an accident. The police checked the car GPS from the rental company and found that the timings given by Singh did not match with the incident. Experts were also called in by the police who confirmed that it was not a collision. The police detained Singh and on interrogation, he confessed the crime.