CCB nabs accused in cheating case
One of the accused has been arrested and 15 TVs were seized from him.@ips_patil on Twitter

In a cheating case in the Bengaluru city, the Central Crime Branch (CCB) team led by PI Virupaksha made an arrest on Tuesday, July 7. The accused was selling ordinary TVs as branded, with the labels and the boxes of Sony. One of the accused has been arrested in the case and 15 TVs were seized from him.

Accused sold over 100 TVs

The accused who is from Bengaluru sold over 100 TVs till now. Speaking to International Business Times, India, DCP Kuldeep Jain said, "The accused is from Bengaluru. He sold over 100s of TVs till now. An investigation is on."

Cheating and selling knock-offs in the market is a huge racket, that isn't easy to crack. However, on 7th July a CCB-led team of investigators have managed to track one such case. A team led by PI Virupaksha made an arrest where the seller was branding ordinary TVs from other brands as those from SONY. 

Not only were the TVs sold under the brand name, but they were also put in the same boxes and packaged as such complete with the logo and the stickers from the brand. Gullible customers fell for the trap. The CCB team has arrested one of the accused and has seized 15 TVs so far.

Taking to Twitter, Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Sandeep Patil wrote, "accused bought ordinary TVs..put SONY sticker & logo and sold a SONY original to gullible customers.. 15 TV accused arrested." 

Cheating case selling ordinary TVs as SONY branded sets
@ips_patil on Twitter

Bengaluru CCB busts prostitution racket

In another incident in Bengaluru, the CCB police raided a brothel in Puttenahalli in the city and rescued as many as 27 women a few days back.

Among the women rescued, nine are from Nepal and Punjab each, four are from the national capital, two from Maharashtra and one each from Jammu & Kashmir, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh.