In a heart-wrenching video widely circulated across social media, a Bengaluru police official is seen slapping and kicking the migrant workers, who approached him on the details regarding the train services.

Found to be the assistant sub-inspector from the KG Halli police, Rajasab, the officer is seen unapologetically thrashing the workers from Uttar Pradesh who had come to register themselves for a train journey to their native state.

Bengaluru police slaps, kicks migrants for asking train details

Cop thrashes migrant workers

The video now viral in the social media was shot by a fellow worker, who then uploaded it tagging Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

Following the wide outbreak of the public with comments and posts blaming the police force for their continuing heartless and brutal attacks against the migrant workers, ASI Rajasab was suspended from the service.

Additionally, an inquiry has also been initiated against him by the Deputy Commissioner of Police (East) S D Sharanappa. "We inquired into the incident and the police official has been suspended. We have zero tolerance for such incidents. We have been asking police officials to be patient while interacting with workers who are turning up at police stations," he spoke to the media.

Migrant workers
Migrant workers

The Shramik train services have been restarted in Karnataka for the migrant workers to reach back to their homes. More than thousands of stranded labourers were registering their names for the service. 

Earlier similar incident in Bengaluru 

In a similar recent incident, a civil dressed policeman was seen hitting two Muslim youth in the Hebbal - Sahakar Nagar area of Bengaluru city on Friday.

In the video that has garnered strong criticisms against the police activities show two teenage Muslim boys being abused by a civil dressed police officer. The officer is heard saying that boys are lying, and ordered them to hunch down. He then kicked one of the boys on his face - all the while verbally abusing them.

bengaluru cop thrashes two youth
bengaluru cop thrashes two youthTwitter

In addition to the cop's abuse, it can be seen in the video that one of the bystanders who was carrying a wooden plank starts hitting the boys too. It was only after the intervention by another police officer that the man retreats.