Recently, British adventurer and TV presenter, Bear Grylls renowned for his adventure show Man vs Wild took to his social media account to share his excitement. Introducing his latest co-adventurer on celebrity adventure show Into The Wild, he mentioned, "This time I am with the lion of Bollywood, Ajay Devgn." And he plans to take the Bollywood superhero to the wild seas to test his survival skills. "And super excited to get to take him on a deserted island mission 'Into The Wild'... how will he do?" he tweeted.

Ajay Devgn on the adventure show will take on the wild sea and sharks
Ajay Devgn will take on the wild sea and sharks on the adventure showYouTube

The reality adventure series, with episodes that seem like a tamed and talkative version of Bear Grylls' fierce wilderness ride, has hosted PM Narendra Modi, and actors Rajnikant and Akshay Kumar in the past and will go on air on October 22 with Ajay Devgn on Discovery channel.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bear Grylls
Prime Minister Narendra Modi with adventurer Bear Grylls                                                                                          Twitter

The 50-second trailer released on YouTube on Tuesday, October 11, shows the Bollywood stuntman declaring in Hindi, 'Yeh koi khel nahin hai, bro' meaning this isn't a game while Grylls advises the actor, "If you see a shark, stay calm."