In a shocking incident, a BDS student in Kerala has been shot dead in Kothamangalam, at her residence near the college. The accused who is apparently the victim's old friend also died by suicide. The deceased has been identified as Manasa and the accused is Rakhil, both hailing from the Kannur district of Kerala. 

An incident that shocked Kerala

Manasa was doing house surgency at Indira Gandhi Institute of Dental College, and she had returned to college just two months back. Recently, Rakhil rented a house nearby Manasa's house where she along with her friends were staying. 

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On Friday, Rakhil rushed to Manasa's residence. Manasa was apparently having food at that time. The duo quarreled for some time, and it was at this moment that Rahul shot Manasa on her head and chest. Later, Rakhil shot himself. Both of them were soon rushed to the hospital, but the doctors could not save their lives. 

Rakhil had tortured Manasa 

Local media reports suggest that Rakhil and Manasa met each other on Instagram, and both of them soon befriended each other. However, they soon parted ways, and it has apparently irked Rakhil.

According to reports, Rakhil had tortured Manasa before, and her father had filed a complaint against him at a police station in Kannur. 

The motive of the murder is not clear. Kothamangalam Police have registered a case and have started the investigation.