BH Anil Kumar

In a sudden turn of events, BBMP's Commissioner BH Anil Kumar has been transferred by the Karnataka government. The reigns will now be handed over to Manjunatha Prasad, who was previously the BBMP commissioner. The decision has reportedly emerged due to the spike in COVID-19 cases in Bengaluru.

As per the new order, BH Anil Kumar has been transferred as the Additional Chief Secretary of the Department of Public Enterprises, Bengaluru. 

BH Anil Kumar transferred

In a new order dated 18th July the Karnataka government has made IAS officer Manjunatha Prasad the BBMP commissioner, who till Saturday morning had been BH Anil Kumar. On the other hand, BH Anil Kumar has been transferred. The Karnataka government announced this with, "immediate effect." Manjunatha Prasad was serving as the Principal Secretary to the government's Revenue Department. 

Government of Karnataka order

While suspicions online have emerged, that this could be due tot he spike in COVID-19 cases and BBMP's handling of the lockdown, as well the corruption allegations levelled against BBMP over COVID-19 funds made CM Yediyurappa unhappy. Reasons still remain unclear. Moreover, Manjunatha Prasad had previously been the BBMP commissioner till August 2019 when BH Anil Kumar took over. Many netizens are debating whether this move will do good for the city.