As Bengaluru is grappling with rising COVID cases and deaths, shortage of hospital beds and basic necessities required to support COVID patients is on the rise. Amidst the grim situation that is in Bengaluru, a BBMP COVID war room volunteer has made some serious allegations against the city's civic body.

BBMP head office in Bengaluru
BBMP head office in BengaluruWikimedia

A COVID war room volunteer, who lost a relative to the deadly virus, tweeted that BBMP is allegedly blocking phone numbers of volunteers who are trying to help COVID patients in the city. The volunteer made the allegations after revealing that a 25-year-old relative's life was lost to the virus and claimed that the volunteers' numbers do not connect to the war room.

BBMP COVID war rooms blocking volunteers' numbers; alleges worker who lost relative

BBMP is yet to issue a statement or clarification in the matter. The story will be duly updated.