Bigg Boss 14 contestant Jaan Kumar Sanu is a playback singer and son of legendary musician Kumar Sanu. Before starting his journey as a reality show contestant, Jaan has wowed the audiences with his soulful voice in "Dil Mera Churaya Kyun". Currently streaming on YouTube the song has garnered immense appreciation. 

In an exclusive conversation with IBTimes, India Jaan Kumar Sanu spoke at length about his journey in Bigg Boss 14, who he thinks can win the trophy, his relationship with Nikki Tamboli, his equation with his father and more.

Jaan Kuma Sanu

How has your journey been in Bigg Boss?

It was a lifetime experience in BB 14. I did feel it was unfair that I came out this way. The journey inside the house was full of ups and downs, but whatever happened inside the home was purely based on the circumstances and the situations which you all must have witnessed it.  

If given a chance, would go inside the house again?

 Yes, I would go inside. I did feel bad when I came out.

Out of all the contestants who instigates the fight?

Most of the contestants are doing that. If I had to choose it would be Nikki, Kavita, and to an extent  Rubina.

Who are the weak contestants?

I think Abhinav Shukla, he is very much surrounded by his wife and co-contestant Rubina and who side side se bach ke nikal rahe hai. he is playing very weak, and it's high time he starts playing his own game.

Jaan Kumar Sanu and Nikki

You and Nikki have been one of the most loved Jodi's inside the house? How is your equation with her?

Nikki is a kid; we used to let go of the things she did inside the house.  But there was a point I didn't like what she did and that made me sad. So at the moment, I don't know what will happen further. 

Who became your friends on this BB journey?

 I am on good terms with Eijaz Khan, Pavitra Punia.  As far as Shardul is concerned, I met him when I came out.

Jaan Kumar sanu

Who do you think can win Bigg Boss?

I would say, Eijaz Bhai (Khan) might win. He has all the qualities to make it to the finale.

While you were inside the BB house, a lot of things were floating in the media claiming that your dad Kumar Sanu has said a lot of things behind your back, would you want to comment on it?

Initially, my dad was very supportive of me, and uske baadh what he did I was hurt. Therefore before I comment on anything, I would first like to talk to him. 

Jaan Kumar sanu

Would you want to focus on acting, reality shows, singing? What next?

I want to focus on singing. I will work on new songs and give my best shot.  I hope people will provide me with the same amount of love and blessing that they have given my father.

kumar sanu and jaan kumar sanu

Do you think being Kumar Sanu's son is a privilege for you in the industry?

I think Salman Khan said it very beautifully, in the episode. And as far as my journey is concerned, had I been a product of nepotism, why would I go to Bigg Boss to prove myself. Had  I had been leading a luxurious life. I would have had so many song releases by now. I am trying to establish my name. I had to fight for my rights. Whatever I have done to date is on my own.  I am thankful to almighty for giving me a loving family. I am blessed.  But I would like to clear this out and want to tell everyone who has a misconception as that I am Kumar Sanu's son, and life is more comfortable for me.  I am starting my journey now, and I want everyone to bless and love me the way they have supported my father.