Battlefield 1, multiplayer mode
Battlefield 1 servers said to be offline for some Xbox One and PS4 owners: Check out if the multiplayer mode worksElectronic Arts

If you have purchased popular first person shooter (fps) title Battlefield 1 for your Xbox One and PS4 consoles, then do let us know if the game servers are still offline as there have been reports that indicate that gamers could not get to play the multiplayer game modes.

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It seems that most cases of Battlefield 1 server outages have come from the UK where both Xbox One as well as PS4 users have reported that they could not access the online multiplayer mode; thereby hinting at a server outage.

However, it is not known if the above reported server outage is uniform globally and therefore, you can let us know if you are able to access and play the multiplayer mode of Battlefield 1. This issue has also reportedly been brought to the notice of EA, but it is yet to come out with an official statement regarding the nature of the reported outage.

Also, there have been reports from players about an issue which leads to gamer stats vanishing thereby resulting in players having to start all over from level 1. Battlefield 1 players expect this apparent bug to be connected to the server outage. They are also terming this as a minor issue, which is expected to get rectified once online multiplayer servers are back.

While the Battlefield 1 online multiplayer servers could be back, it should do no harm for loyalists to check if the multiplayer mode is working fine.There were also reports of a recent server outage from Battlefield 1 gamers due to the seeding of the Giant Shadow DLC. This recent server outage first affected PS4 users; followed by owners of Xbox One consoles across the world.

[Source: Daily Star UK].