Battlefield 1- Mystery behind Morse Code; in-game headphones and Easter Eggs explained
Battlefield 1- Mystery behind Morse Code; in-game headphones and Easter Eggs explainedElectronic Arts

Battlefield 1, which is now on its way to bag the distinction of one f the better first-person-shooter (fps) games of 2016, comes with various in-game aspects that need to be decoded for better gameplay. One such aspect is the Headphone Morse Code Easter Egg in the game. Check out the guide below for complete information on the Morse Code Easter Egg Mystery in battlefield 1.

Now, renowned game tipster Jackfrags (via his new YouTube video given at the end) has made an attempt to decode the Headphone Morse Code Easter Egg. If you are playing the game, check out the below pointers:

  • The best game modes to locate and grab headphones are Conquest and Operations. On a map, headphones will spawn randomly in one among five set locations. Headphones can be picked-up, by one person, at a time.
  • Navigate to one of the hidden M-Com objective stations in the maps; pick up a set of headphones and stand near one of the M-Coms. Now, you should notice a Morse Code sequence being played by the M-Com. Check this out carefully.
  • Certain Morse Code sequ3ences have been decoded by the members of the Easter Egg community. But there are plenty of others that are yet to be deciphered.
  • Certain Morse Code sequences, when decoded, came out as meaningless set of letters. Nonetheless, the forum members are still engrossed in working on these Morse Codes.
  • To decrypt Morse Codes, cipher keys are required. The code book could come in handy at this juncture.
  • In certain in-game paintings, game tipsters have found strange looking signatures at the bottom right corner. Jackfrags is of the opinion that some of these signatures could refer to Pigpen cipher which is used to decode Morse Code signals.
  • A new map called Giant Shadow is reportedly slated for release during December 2016.

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