The Odisha-born, Inspector General of Police, Basant Rath, 2000-cadre IPS, is known for his novel 'Book Baba' campaign, which helps out to the student community in Jammu and Kashmir. He came under the radar of netizens and high-ranking officers after he responded to a post of a Twitter user who was a namesake of the DGP of the J&K Union Territory, Dilbagh Singh, IPS.

This is not the first time, IGP Rath has engaged in an online faceoff. This time he as per many decided to take an indirect dig at the DGP of Jammu and Kashmir. His action did not go down well with the officers of the force, calling his behaviour 'unfit for the service'. Here's what the viral tweet was all about.

Basant Rath

IGP Basant Kumar Rath's claim

The twitter user named Dilbag Singh tweeted how IGP Rath is giving back to society by distributing books through his campaign. Rath replied "Hi, Dilbag Singh. Can I call you Dilloo? Are you the one who owns 50 canals of land in Sarore near the dental college? Is it registered on your name?". What many did not miss here was Rath's conspicuous attempt to sling mud at the DGP of Jammu and Kashmir, Dilbagh Singh accusing him of owning disproportionate assets, properties or land in J&K's Sarore.

Basant tweet

DGP Dilbagh reacts to the Rath's claims: 'I Challenge him to prove an inch of land in my name' 

Taken aback by the sly dig, especially by an IGP level officer, DGP Dilbagh Singh in an unofficial statement said, "I Challenge him to prove an inch of land or property or any business worth a penny in my name or my family or in somebody's else's name on my behalf. Or let's take him to the task."

Dilbagh Singh
The Director General Police, J&K, Dilbagh Singh said that the forces have been sucessful in killing the top militant leadership in the valleyTwitter

"We are proud of DGP Dilbagh Singh ': IGP Vijay Kumar & other officers react

IGP Vijay Kumar, IPS pointed out that Rath engaging in baseless conversation through his social media handle and asked him to discuss issues at a rather appropriate place. IGP Vijay Kumar said in an informal statement, "IGP Basant has been showing major indiscipline a serious threat for the force and uniform services. If he has any solid complaint may lodge at an appropriate place. Shri Dilbagh Singh IPS is chief of a great Police Force. We are proud of him and performing outstanding under his command. 

Kashmir IGP Vijay Kumar
Kashmir IGP Vijay KumarTwitter

Another IPS officer reacted to the tweet, "I saw the Tweet in question. I was shocked. Ironically the person who shares his name with the J&K DGP had actually tweeted in Basant's favour. What would possess a serving officer to break protocol and all sense of human decency to make such wild allegations on a public platform? That too in reply to a tweet like this. He even though he was sly enough to not specify, the insinuation is enough. This officer is not fit to be in the service", said an IPS officer on condition of anonymity.

Netizens remain in a dilemma after Rath's comment, who has gathered a collection of over 2.5 lakh books and plays a huge role in amidst the student community.  Not just the book campaign, the 

Despite his online spat with administrators like Srinagar Mayor Junaid Mattu in past and several other online face-offs between the two, the JNU alumnus has garnered respect from the people of Jammu and Kashmir. The question remains, will his online face-offs overshadow his work for the student community among many other initiatives?