National Award winning filmmaker Bala and Ajith Kumar were supposed to work in hit movie Naan Kadavul. The project was announced in 2004 and the actor, who is popularly known as Thala, had given bulk dates for the movie. But the actor walked out of the project, two years later, following which there were lots of speculations around the reason behind his exit.

Bala and Ajith
Bala denies assaulting Thala Ajith.PR Handout

Ajith and Bala's Meeting in Hotel
A leading Tamil magazine had reported that Bala, producer PL Thenappan, financiers Anbu and Arulpathi along with Ajith had a meeting at a hotel to discuss about the project. The filmakers had decided to drop Thala from the movie and replace him with smaller actor to cut down on the budget. By then, the star had started preparation for the film and his dates were wasted.

As per the rumour mills, Ajith was not happy with the delay and agreed to part ways. However, both the parties had disagreement over repaying the advance amount taken by him.There was a heated argument between the actor and people from the other side. In the end, he settled the issue by returning the amount.

Speculations were doing rounds that Bala and others assaulted Ajith, forcing him to repay the amount with interest. A few years later, the filmmaker, on a chat show with actress Sangeetha, had given a clarification over the rumoured incident.

Naan Kadavul
Arya in Naan Kadavul.PR Handout

"Assaulting him in a hotel room is a media-created story, but I admit that there were issues between us," Bala said. Then, Sangeetha asked him to give details about the incident for which the filmmaker responded, "This questioned should be asked to the Ultimate star (Ajith)."

The fate of Naan Kadavul
After his fallout with Ajith, Bala roped in Arya and the movie hit the screens in 2009. The filmmaker won the National Award in the Best Director category. The flick had also won accolades at various awards ceremony.