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On Sunday, Bengaluru authorities announced that animal sacrifice on the occasion of Bakra-Eid or Eid al-Adha will not be permitted in the city's public spaces. This might completely change how the festival is celebrated this time around. 

Bakra-Eid is an annual festival of sacrifice celebrated in Islamic culture. Usually, lamb is sacrificed to mark the occasion. 

Bakra-Eid to done different form this time in Bengaluru

Bakra-Eid will be celebrated on 30th and 31st July. This festival is known as the 'Greater Eid' the 'Lesser Eid' being the Eid al-Fitr. The festival celebrated the ritual 'sacrifice' according to custom. This occasion is celebrated by Muslims across the globe.

In India, as the festival approaches, is adopting certain changes to the format. In Bengaluru, animal sacrifice has been prohibited by authorities on Sunday, applying to public spaces such as parks and streets. This could be put in place with regard to the rising COVID-19 cases in the city. An official communicated to IANS, "The general public is hereby notified that sacrifice of animals during Bakra-Eid or any other religious occasion is prohibited on public roads and footpaths."

Schools, colleges, nursing homes, and hospitals too will not be allowed to hold animal sacrifices. Even mosques albeit temples will not be allowed to conduct sacrifices. The official told the media that there will be strict penalties for those violating the norms. 

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Moreover, people found violating the order will be penalised under the Karnataka Municipal Corporation Act of 1976. The only ones allowed to slaughter the animals for food are the abattoirs. 

Interestingly, this time livestock can be bought online or over phone as markets will remain closed. The festival is truly changing form. 

In, the run-up to Bakra-Eid, many state administrations across the country have expressed that people should celebrate Bakrid at home, and not at mosques. But, Bengaluru has gone a step further in this regard. People have begun reacting to the news. It's yet to be seen if this new rule will hold up before a public trial.