Instagram Reels took over our feeds after TikTok bid adieu. These days we are watching a whole new bunch of digital stars emerge on the social media platform. They are really 'Reel-ing'. 

Badshah dance video

What comes to your mind when you hear the word 'Badshah'?

For SRK fans Badshah is Shah Rukh Khan, for rapper Badshah's fans it is him and for our moms and everyone who loves cooking and has a flair idea of masala's it's a homely brand.

Well, every 90's kid must have heard, sung or grooved to the 'Badshah masala jingle'. Have you ever thought, one would recreate and dance on the jingle with their friends and that too in 2020? No, right?

Have you come across Instagrammerr Ruhee Dosani's masala mix dance moves on every other person's IG story?

Scroll down to know who is she and what makes her dance on masala jingle.

Instagrammer Ruhee and her We Desi friends gang are on a roll.

Ruhee and her gang have re-created the iconic masala ad jingle, and it is making us go ROLF.

She, along with her, 'We desi' friends, are setting making the netizens groove to their moves. Their dance is the best thing on the internet today! Well, the fun doesn't end here, Ruhee has captioned the reel tagging our very own rapper Badshah.

Now, this is something to look out for!

Ruhee has tagged RAPPER Badshah

Just check this out if you haven't. 

The brand has responded to we desi gang's dance video. However, rapper Badshah is yet to acknowledge the video.

Curious to know who is Ruhee Dosani?

Ruhee's Instagram bio doesn't reveal much, except that she is a Punjab di kudi living abroad (not Canada, as she mentions specifically!).

There are many other funny reels that she has shared on her profile.