Bachelor in Paradise
Chad Johnson will be eliminated in Day 1 of Facebook/Bachelor in Paradise

Season 3 of "Bachelor In Paradise" will begin on August 3 and it is rumoured that Nick Viall, who appeared on Andi Dorfman and Kaitlyn Bristowe's seasons of "The Bachelorette," will finally find love this time.

According to spoiler guru Reality Steve, Viall finds love with "The Bachelor" alum Jennifer Saviano, who appeared on Ben Higgins' season of the dating reality show. But they do not get engaged in the finale. Their break-up was amicable and the two are reportedly in touch. Their decision to split might have been influenced by the fact that both of them live on opposite coasts. Viall lives in Los Angeles and Saviano in Florida.

While Viall was once again unsuccessful in getting engaged on national television, some others were lucky. According to Steve, Josh and Amanda, Grant and Lace, and Evan and Carly get engaged at the end of Season 3 of "Bachelor in Paradise."

In another exciting news, Steve revealed that "The Bachelorette" villain Chad Johnson will create a lot of drama in the first episode when he gets drunk and abuses the show as well as one of the contestants. As fans of Season 12 of "The Bachelorette" already know, Johnson attained the villain status after he threatened several of JoJo Fletcher's suitors during his short stint on the show.

Here's Steve's account of Johnson's antics on Day 1.

"On the first day, Chad actually connected with Lace during the day. Even made out with her. By the end of the first night, Chad got belligerent drunk, was telling people to 'suck Bachelor d**k,' believe almost got in a fight with Daniel, and even called Lace the four letter no-no word rhyming with 'punt.' So the next morning, Chris Harrison talks to Chad and tells him he's being removed from the show. Dunzo. But yeah, I'm sure he'll once again blame that on the edit."