GV Prakash Kumar's Bachelor is a modern-age love story, written and directed by Sathish Selvakumar. Divyabharathi plays the female lead with Munishkanth, Bagavathi Perumal and others are in the supporting roles.

Bachelor Review
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The soundtrack is composed by A H Kaashif, G. V. Prakash Kumar and Dhibu Ninan Thomas. The film has Theni Eswar's music and San Lokesh's editing.

Bachelor Story and Review
The movie tells the story of a carefree boy Darling played by GV Prakash and Subbu (Divyabharathi). The Coimbatore boy works in Bengaluru and enjoys his lifestyle.
He meets Subbu at this juncture and convinces her to stay in his apartment. Soon or later, they get into a live relationship. They enjoy their freedom and she gets pregnant. The twist comes when she expresses her wish to retain the baby while he urges to abort it.
The drama that opens thereafter forms the crux of the story.

It has a good story of two contrasting characters falling in love and the complication in their relationship has been neatly exposed. GV Prakash has done an excellent job and Divyabharathi has made an impressive debut. Watch out for her expressions. On the other side, the climax might be a little disappointing and the hero's character has been overstretched in the first half.
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Sathish: @actorsathish: #Bachelor Extraordinary performance
@gvprakash machiClapping hands signBest of urs. Superb making. Sure shot hit. Best wishes to @DuraiKv and team.Flexed biceps watch in theatres

aswathofficial: #Bachelor
@gvprakash sir in a completely different zone Smiling face with sunglassesHundred points symbol Attitude, mannerism, slang, body language, costumes Top with upwards arrow above Swag max Firestylish Hundred points symbol congrats sir.
@divyabarti2801 Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes already crush list la serthurupanga namma pasanga. Very nice performance. Enjoyed it Hundred points symbol #BachelorFDFS

Prashanth Rangaswamy: #Bachelor Interval - Technically very brilliant. A proper adult movie that asks questions about the pressing relationship problem of 2K kids. Will wait for the second half.

Rajsekar: #Bachelor - The film tries to establish modern-day man-woman live-in relationship set in Bengaluru. Technically super strong, especially Theni Easwar & editor San Lokesh's work. The fun elements are enjoyable but deviates from the core plot, warrants more finesse in writing dept!
Wish the director concentrated more on the relationship indifferences between Darling (
@gvprakash and Subbu (Divya) in the second half. But the director explored the subplot (court proceedings) that diluted the core plot.
The first half of the film is more enjoyable, the bachelor lifestyle has been explored well!

Smileyb0yoff: Really a pakka entertainment #Bachelor movie..
@gvprakash anna u r awesome.. Great performance
@gvprakash anna.. Damn sure hit movie bachelor.. Bachelors realise the bachelor movie.. Congratulations to the team #sathish and crew

SR Prabhu: #Bachelor evokes the funny and stupid moments of everyone's bachelor life. There is genuine effort in presenting the film well in every craft. Best wishes to the entire team

Harish Kalyan: #BACHELOR Loved the narrative style & the performances of
@gvprakash bro @divyabarti2801
@MunishkanthR & all the others. Congrats to the dir
@Sathishdiroff producer
@Dili_AFF @AxessFilm & the entire team. Im sure the youngsters will connect to this film Ok handThumbs up

VJ_Sarvanan: #Bachelor Totally its Pure,unabashedly bold and Hard-hitting. Anna Vera Level Looks and Attitude comes out from you..vera Level Semma
@gvprakash is an brilliant his dialogue delivery are so perfect for the character..Red heartFireCollision symbol

Lost Soul: #Bachelor has a simple premise arnd a Live-in relationship but the film creates a candid lived in atmosphere soaked in the small moments that u can't help but get drenched in its laid-back tone. Quite a unique film actually as it sells equal amt of absurdity too along with this.

RahulOreigns: #bachelor really enjoy the flim Smiling face with 3 hearts eppa ulla generation ku good messages eruku 1st half love scene Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes super comedy scene also super 2nd is different but climax really bestOk handRed heart
@gvprakash super acting na @divyabarti2801unga first movie maariye theriyala semma nadichiruthingaOk handRed heart

Vijay Karthick: Worked here and there.. 3hrs. felt Face with rolling eyes Could have detailed the emotions of both lead characters than the ppl. around them.
Every frame is crowdy & sumaar acting by many ppl.
Could see a lot of #Premam inspired re-recording and shots.. half-baked.