A baby swapping case was reported at a women's hospital in Jaipur's Sanganeri Gate area due to alleged negligence of hospital administration.

Looking at the seriousness of the matter, a DNA test will be conducted to identify the respected parents.

DNA test
A paramedic takes a blood sample for DNA testing from a resident looking for a relative missing during the eruption of Fuego volcano at the morgue in Escuintla, GuatemalaREUTERS/Luis Echeverria

Meanwhile, the newborn babies have been kept in the nursery under the supervision of the hospital administration and are being fed from mothers milk bank.

Once the DNA test report comes, it will be known which child belongs to which parent.

Meanwhile, the doctors confirmed that this is the first case of its kind when a DNA test is being done to resolve the confusion.

Hospital Superintendent, Dr. Asha Verma said: "On September 1, Reshma, a resident of Ghatgate, Jaipur, and Nisha, a resident of Karauli, delivered babies. Meanwhile, due to a misunderstanding on the tag, both the children were exchanged. Three days later, i.e. on September 3, when the hospital administration came to know about their mistake, they informed the families of the children. Reshma's family went angry on this matter and they refused to take the child. After this dispute, both the newborn children were kept in the hospital's nursery and a committee of 6 doctors was formed to solve the matter.

new born baby
New born babies in a hospital wardReuters

"Initially, the hospital administration collected blood samples of both the children and their parents. On the basis of its investigation, it was identified that the boy's mother is Nisha and the girl's mother is Reshma. Reshma's family refused to accept this conclusion made after blood sample testing.

"The investigation committee got the blood sample tested again, and yet again, on the basis of the report, the girl turned out to be Reshma and the boy of Nisha's. However, this time too Reshma's family members refused to adopt the girl and demanded a DNA test.

"Now, the committee has recommended. We have sent the matter to the Lalkothi police station and the DNA test will also be done by the police."

Other doctors have also said that the DNA test is the only option to resolve the dispute.

The report of this investigation is expected in the next few days.

While Reshma already has two girls, Nisha is mother to one boy.