Show: Baarish season 2

Creator: Ekta Kapoor

Cast: Sharman Joshi, Asha Negi, Manit Joura, Priya Banerjee, Sahil Shroff and Jeetendra

Director:Nandita Mehra

 Stars: 3.5

After a super-hit first season of Baarish, talented actor Sharman Joshi and the beautiful Asha Negi are back with the simple yet sparkling love story in the second installment of Baarish. Produced by 24 Frames Entertainment and directed by Nandita Mehra, Baarish 2 brings back spells of love and romance like a breath of fresh air this summer. In an unusual tale between a middle-class girl (Gauravi) and a rich businessman (Anuj Mehta), that embraces the roller coaster journey of life, which strikes the right chord with viewers who always root for love. The 11 episode drama is penned with emotions, faith love, trust and shows how circumstances change people. The first 5 episodes are filled with love and joy while the remaining six takes the show ahead. Both Sharman and Asha's chemistry is like a fresh breath of air. The only show in today's time, which doesn't have any explicit scenes to steam up the quotient between the leads -- this pure, clean love story can be watched with family.

Baarish review


Recap of Baarish part 1

Baarish showcases the hardships of maintaining relationships and how the imperfect love story of Anuj (Sharman) and Gauravi (Asha) is defined by their responsibilities towards their respective families. The narrative between a Gujarati diamond merchant and a simple Marathi Mulgi entails the challenging journey of love and respect. As society continues to keep its prying eyes on the couple, season 1 ended at separation with Gauravi being behind the bars.

While Season 2 picks up right from the point it ended. out of 11 episodes that are released, in the first 5 episodes, we see Gauravi and Anuj's subtle and sweet romance in binbulaye baarish ka mausam. As Anuj and Gauravi are back together, they plan to consummate their marriage.  As there is less space at Gauravi's house and the couple can't get close, they go to a hotel room to make out. The entire sequence is beautifully captured by the makers showing two people who have entered into wedlock in an arranged setup. There are few heartwarming moments when they speak about their virginity and inhibitions in having sex. However, not everything is as hunky-dory as it is seen. Right from the sixth episode Anuj and Gauravi's life takes a u-turn and things start getting really bitter in their marriage lives. Post a mishap and Garuavi's miscarriage, Anuj starts prioritising work over Gauravi, which makes them drift apart. The twist in the tale comes when (Manit Joura) a lawyer comes in between the couple. As usual, Anuj starts doubting her wife thinking she has an extramarital affair with Manit, which leads to divorce. Well, this is just half of the drama, there is more to it. Then enters Jeetuji Gandhi (Jeetendra Kapoor) in Anuj's life.  The question is will Anuj reconcile his ongoing differences with Gauravi? Will, they separate? What will happen next is unknown as the makers will release the next set of episodes in the coming weeks.

A still from Baarish


Asha Negi and sharman

The chemistry between the lead pair Sharman Joshi and Asha Negi is a delight to watch. Be it moments of love or an argument, there's never a dull moment between them. While we see them go through moments where it seems that they may never reconcile, as hopeless romantics, we are certainly rooting for them to get back together and live happily ever after. Asha Negi is beautiful and os suited best in the role of a dutiful wife. Sharman Joshi is the scene-stealer. the layers and variations in his character from being a loving husband to acquiring money to turning a male chauvinist and doubting his wife, he does it all with conviction, yes he is relatable.. most orthodox husbands end up doubting their wives and can't see her talking to other men. Sharman's character picked this part and that makes his role relatable.  Rest of the cast comprising of Priya Banerjee, Manit Joura, Sahil Shroff, Anuj Singh Duhan, Abhishek Verma, Vikram Singh Chauhan, Shubhangi Latkar are perfect in their supporting roles. Veteran actor Jeetendra Kapoor made his digital debut with Baarish 2 is simply mind-blowing as a narrator and cupid. We can say this with absolute certainty that it's a cameo that will leave a lasting impression on your minds.


Asha Negi and sharman joshi

The screenplay is enticing and engrossing. there is more drama as compared to the first season. ALTBalaji and ZEE5 have left absolutely no stone unturned in making the second season bigger and better in every aspect. High on production. The sequences in the show are relatable and shot esthetically. How can you not miss those marine drives, walks, rains, vada pav. Mumbaikars you will get nostalgic! You can't have a romantic show on ALTBalaji without any music. like season 1, this season of Baarish too has memorable songs in the form of its title track and Preet. While the former is the perfect monsoon mushy track, the latter with its meaningful lyrics shows you that sometimes a relationship is all about the maturity in it. On many occasions, it's the music that takes a story forward and audiences can be rest assured that they'll be on a melodic journey while they watch the second season of Baarish.

screen grab from baarish 2


It's a typical Balaji show, with the right blend of drama, melodrama and dhoom-dhadak. Lit fireworks, unresolved relationships and more.Only if you are a sucker for romantic shows and believe that your life is less dramatic. Then go ahead and watch the show you will enjoy the overdose of drama, over rona-dhona and over twists and turns.


Well, monsoons in Mumbai are famous for a lot many things but most importantly monsoon and romance go hand in hand.. Most stories are written on the backdrop of Mumbai monsoon. Baarish season 2 comes back with yet another spell of love, romance, twists and turns. Fall in love with Anuj and Gauravi all over again, as they get drenched and enjoy their piping hot tea with vada pav and extra chillies. Here's a couple that'll certainly make you want to spend time with your loved one and lets you feel the magic of monsoon in this scorching heat. Watch it with your family and enjoy the pre-monsoon.