The Hindi version of SS Rajamouli's "Baahubali - the Beginning" (Bahubali) had its first world TV premiere on Sony MAX at 8.00 pm on Sunday. It has garnered a great response from the audience.

Released in theatres across the globe on 10 July, "Baahubali - The Beginning" became a huge success commercially and was also prasied by the critics. The Prabhas-Rana Daggubati starrer completed a successful run of 100 days in hundreds of cinema halls on 17 October.

Its Malayalam version was premiered on TV in June and it had registered a good response. Its Telugu version was aired on MAA TV on 24 October and it recorded all-time high TRP ratings. Some people in the industry had thought its Hindi version would not get the same kind of response from the audience as it would be aired in the same time slot as the final match between India vs South Africa.

But the poor performance of the Indian team forced thousands of viewers to switch to Sony MAX, where "Baahubali - The Beginning" was being aired. All those who watched the film are impressed with it and have all praises for the team. After watching the film, many shared positive reviews about it on their Twitter pages. Some could not stop asking the million dollar question: Why Kattappa killed Baahubali?

A few say that "Baahubali" was a welcome change for the viewers of Sony MAX, who were forced to watch Amitabh Bachchan's movie. A viewer named Rohit Nagda ‏@Rohit_Nagda tweeted, "Dear @SonyMAX we forgive u today for showing #sooryavansham 1 billion times on ur channel...and Thank u for showing #BaahubaliOnMAX"

Here are some unique Twitter comments about "Baahubali - The Beginning":

Ritika Tamrakar ‏@ritika_chini

Just watched #BaahubaliOnMAX and have only one question, why does kattapa killed bãhubali?

Raghavendra Prasad ‏@tweetragz

Had forgotten about why Kattappa killed Bahubali. But with #BaahubaliOnMAX the question is back to haunt me again... Why did he kill?

Saurabh Paliwal ‏@SubhPaliwal

Its my fourth time , I am watching baahubali with the same excitement and thinking kataapa ne bahubali ko kyu maara :p #BaahubaliOnMAX

Jawed Samo ‏@RJjawed

Every song is perfect. Every scene is perfect. Background music gives me chills. Movie is amazing. Everyone should watch. #BaahubaliOnMAX Prabhas as Shivudu is amazing. HATS OFF to that man, such a great actor I'm his fan now. #BaahubaliOnMAX No khans No Superstar's still you gave Indian Best product in both aspects commercial and class @ssrajamouli #BaahubaliOnMAX

Deewani Mastani ツ ‏@AaraFatima

Every song is perfect. Every scene is perfect. Background music gives me chills. Movie is amazing. Everyone should watch. #BaahubaliOnMAX Even after watching Baahubali so many times in theatre, I've still enjoy every scene of it. You'll never get bore of it. #BaahubaliOnMAX

Shivam Pandey ‏@ishivmpandey

Thanku @SonyMAX fr ths awesome @BaahubaliMovie..india's own 300 or i sy much better thn 300..evrythng every scene is perfct #BaahubaliOnMAX

Rajat Gupta ‏@rajatdude

What a amazing movie. Plot, location, actors, fight just everything is placed perfectly. #BaahubaliOnMAX

Shreya Jaishankar ‏@shreyajaiho

Saw #Bahubali 2nd time & 1st time wd my parents My dad s restless abt last scene he hs pledgd 2 watch part 2 in theatre #BaahubaliOnMAX

*€xCePtIoN@£* ‏@SamanthaNair23

Feels as if the film just Started.. N how fast did it end! 2.5hrs is too short for a periodic film #BaahubaliOnMAX

Jas ‏@BeingJasmeen

Baahubali is dead. My life is so sad. This Prabhas obsession is too much. This movie is too much. #BaahubaliOnMAX

J ‏@jiteshpillaai

Bahubali stunning. Seeing on Tv and bedazzled. This is the real commercial movie. Story, vfx and a whole mastery of the craft! Respect

Mohammed Abdul Aziz ‏@Idazizbd

@BaahubaliMovie Wonderful movie, Expectation is fulfilled. But the songs couldn't continue with family members. #BaahubaliOnMAX #Baahubali

Vishakha J Singh ‏@vishakhasingh55

Thoroughly enjoyed #BaahubaliOnMAX ..thx @ssrajamouli Sir! and yeah.. Cheers to the #StrongWomen of #Baahubali !

Anupam Gupta ‏@AucesTheBest

Had great 3 hours of engaging entertainment...... These movies keep replenishing my belief in cinema #greatindianmovies #BaahubaliOnMAX

Tulasi Narayana ‏@tulasi_tnrk

Very Disappointed with match today but now recharged with #BaahubaliOnMAX

Shambhavi Sinha ‏@sinha_sham

Overnight bus journey.Bus stops for refreshments.I see crowds gathered arnd a tv watching Baahubali, that's the craziness #BaahubaliOnMAX

Vikas Pandey ‏@vikas_pandey25

Watched today #BaahubaliOnMAX and enjoyed very much.

м ☺ ‏@Madeeha1987

Very fond of Prabhas after this movie , superb acting . #BaahubaliOnMAX Baahubali is too good

✿ Gandhali Takale彡 ‏@Takale_G

Saw #BaahubaliOnMAX ! Worth every single bit :) Well done makers