SS Rajamouli and Karan Johar
SS Rajamouli and Karan Johar

SS Rajamouli, whose team has shot "Baahubali" in a span of 395 days, says that the cast and crew were tortured and lost their energy during the shooting of last schedule of the period movie.

SS Rajamouli's revelation comes during his chat on the making of "Baahubali" with Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar on the meeting ground of Film Companion. During this discussion, Bollywood filmmaker asked several questions to Tollywood director about the making of "Baahubali".

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

Karan: What are the lessons you have learnt from your experience on "Baahubali" sets?

Rajamouli: Be more careful with your planning. We prepared for one year thinking that we have nailed down minute details. But once we went into sets, we realised how much we were unprepared for the film. And there are many lessons learned in terms of how you plan for a film particularly big budget film.

Karan: The production of "Baahubali" has taken a long duration and the actors have done lot of hard work. Do you think they were tortured?

Rajamouli: Yes! They were really tortured (laughs). During the shooting of last 20% of "Baahubali", I could see that the energy level of the cast and crew was going down. During a chat with my camera man, Senthil Kumar, I said everyone is losing their energy. Then, he said we draw energy from you. I was getting frustrated with their dipping energy, but that was not a major hurdle for the making of the film.

Karan: What was the response of the cast and crew on the final-day shoot of "Baahubali"? Did they feel they were missing something?

Rajamouli: Everyone was so happy that I have finally completed the film (laughs) and they did not have any feeling of missing. But during the promotion of the film, we did have such a feeling when we got back together and remembered what we did for the past two years. That is when we started getting emotional. But we have 126 days shoot that is yet to start and we have our next term left.

Karan: Which is your best-reviewed movie? What is the response for Baahubali?

Rajamouli: "Maryada Ramanna", which as released before "Eega", was my best-reviewed film. "Baahubali" has also got positive response from everyone. Media, audience and film fraternity have a lot of positive things to talk about the film.

Below is the video featuring the complete conversation between SS Rajamouli and Karan Johar: