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Director SS Rajamouli's Baahubali 2 (Bahubali: The Conclusion) has collected over Rs. 1,620 crore at worldwide box office in 31 days. The film has earned Rs. 781 crore for the distributors across the globe.

Released in theatres on April 28, Baahubali 2 clashed with much-hyped movies from various Indian languages in the later weeks but remained rock steady at the box office. The movie has continued to keep the cash registers ringing at the ticket counters across the globe in its fifth week with some centres still running to packed houses. Baahubali 2 has become the biggest money spinner for the distributors.

Various distributors from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana acquired its theatrical rights for a record price of Rs. 122 crore. Baahubali 2 has collected over Rs. 300 crore gross at the AP/T box office in 31 days and earned Rs. 190.50 crore for the distributors, who have gained a huge profit share of Rs. 68.50 crore from the film.

The Prabhas and Rana Daggubati starrer fetched Rs. 94 crore from the sale of its theatrical rights for other areas in India. Baahubali 2 has collected Rs. 1020 crore gross at the box office in rest of India and earned Rs. 427 crore for the distributors. Karan Johar and AA Films, who distributed the Hindi version, are the biggest beneficiaries.

International distributors had shelled out over Rs. 64 crore on its theatrical rights for around 40 foreign countries. Baahubali 2 has collected over Rs. 300 crore gross at the overseas box office in 31 days and earned Rs. 164 crore for the distributors, who gained a massive profit share of Rs. 100 crore.

Baahubali 2, Ariesplex
Baahubali 2 will be screened at Aries Plex in Thiruvanathapuram for a year.Global United Media/Facebook

Made on a budget of Rs. 250 crore, the SS Rajamouli-directed movie earned Rs. 350 crore from the sale of its theatrical rights. Baahubali 2 recovered 100 percent investments to the distributors in just 10 days and earned them a massive profit share of Rs. 431.50 crore in the next 21 days. The movie is likely to fetch another Rs. 20 crore in the coming days, taking their profits above Rs. 450 crore.

Here are the details of the global distributors and the prices of theatrical rights and 31-day earnings of Baahubali 2. These are estimated numbers and they may not match with the actual figures released by the makers. All the figures are in INR and crore.

Area Rights Price Distributor Earnings Recovery (%) Profits
Nizam 40 Advance Asian 64.50 161.25 24.50
Ceded/Vizag/Krishna 46 Varaahi 72.48 157.56 26.48
Godavari 18 Om Sri Manikanta 28.50 158.33 10.50
Guntur/Nellore 18 V Celluloids 25.02 139.00 7.02
AP/T Total 122 ---- 190.50 156.14 68.50
Karnataka 36 Advance Varupradha Enterprises 50.10 139.16 14.10
Tamil Nadu 47 Sri Green 69.70 148.29 22.70
Kerala (+Audio-TV) 11 Global United Media 31.00 281.81 20.00
Rest of India 70 Advance AA Films 276.20 394.57 206.00
North America 44 Great India 84.30 191.59 40.00
Rest of World 20 Various 79.70 398.50 59.20
Worldwide Total 350 ---- 781.50 223.28 431.50