Tahira Kashyap's revelation that her husband, Ayushmann Khurrana drank her breast milk has not gone down well with many. Tahira had revealed that on their Bangkok trip when she was still nursing, Khurrana gulped her breast milk by adding it in his protein shake. While Tahira revealed how Ayushmann had a breastmilk mustache after gulping it down, social media has had some crazy reactions.

Tahira and Ayushmann Khurrana
Tahira and Ayushmann Khurrana

Tahira spills the beans

"My boy (Ayushmann) was relaxing in the bedroom having his protein shake. I asked him about the curious case of the missing breast milk and he smirked while chugging his shake and wiping his milk moustache. His only response was tht it had the perfect temperature, was highly nutritious and blended perfectly with his protein shake. Yikes!" Tahira revealed in her book.

She further wrote, "My boy (Ayushmann) was already living up to his promise of making this trip memorable! Now each time I had to express during the trip, I hid the bottle from the gym-going, protein shake-drinking, breast milk-stealing freak."

Ayushmann Khurrana and Tahira Kashyap
Ayushmann Khurrana and Tahira KashyapVarinder Chawla

Social media reacts

Now, social media has reacted to the excerpt in their own way. While many have lauded Tahira for opening up about the benefits of breastmilk and revealing this personal experience of her life; many have slammed the couple for revealing a bit too much. "Cringefest", "this is meant to be kept private", "this is so gross"; were some comments on social media. 

It is now new for men to consume "superfood" breastmilk, however, this is one of the very first times when an Indian celebrity has come out to talk about it. Now, whether Tahira's revelation would shock their fans or would it help him gain more followers and start a trend remains to be seen.