An ayurvedic practitioner from Bengaluru has claimed to cure Prince Charles of COVID-19 hinting that a cure might have been found finally. He has recovered fully and is free from the effects of the virus.

On Thursday, Union AYUSH Minister Shripad Naik said that the ayurvedic practitioner claimed that his formulation cured Prince Charles of the infection.

Naik said, "It shows how ayurvedic and homeopathic drugs can help treat coronavirus," the minister for Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy was talking to reporters when he passed the statement.

Prince Charles
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Naik added that "I got a call from Dr. (Isaac) Mathai, who runs the SOUKYA ayurveda resort in Bengaluru. He told me that his treatment of Prince Charles through ayurveda and homeopathy has been successful."

Fact check

The remarks about finding a cure for coronavirus through Ayurveda stirred up a controversy. But the Clarence House spokesperson denied the claims about Prince Charles being cured of the deadly disease through Ayurveda treatment. 

"This information is incorrect. The Prince of Wales followed the medical advice of the NHS (National Health Service) in the UK and nothing more," IE quoted Ella Lynch as saying.

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Naik also withdrew his original remarks and responded to the statement issued by the Clarence House. "It is not my information. I got a call from Isaac Mathai (who runs an ayurveda resort in Bengaluru) a day before the press conference. I told him I cannot say this, as I don't have any written document. He told me Mr Charles is his patient and he treated him from medicines in the centre," Naik said. 

Prince Charles tested positive for coronavirus

Prince Charles was in the news for having tested positive for the coronavirus infection and he was under self-isolation.

According to a statement from the Clarence House, the 71-year-old eldest son of Queen Elizabeth "has been displaying mild symptoms, but otherwise remains in good health and has been working from home throughout the last few days as usual."

Naik added that the medicines should not be prescribed before fully validating them. These are preventive medicines and have no side effects at all. There are people who have been using these medicines as a preventive cure for COVID-19.

The ministry had earlier put out an advisory claiming that homeopathy can be used for the prevention of coronavirus infections. It also said that unani medicines are useful in symptomatic management of coronavirus infection.

The AYUSH Minister further added that at this time when the entire country is fighting the pandemic, a special task force by his Ministry would study the medicinal formulations used by Dr. Mathai to treat the heir to the British throne.

"Dr. Mathai has been asked to submit the treatment report to us," Naik said.

Prince Charles was diagnosed for coronavirus last month and has just come out of quarantine.

Even in China, doctors had applied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in treating over 50 per cent confirmed cases of novel coronavirus infection in the country's Hubei province.

There are many global cases being reported each day of COVID-19 in various countries and researchers have not been able to come up with any medicine or vaccine to treat coronavirus.