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COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way of life. From face masks to social distancing and maintaining extra health hygiene, everything helps prevent the spread of coronavirus, which has infected millions and killed hundreds since the outbreak. With all this, impromptu hook-ups with strangers and intimacy with people you've just met have become a thing of the past. In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, a sexual health charity has a warning for those engaging in sex acts.

The Terrence Higgins Trust, UK's leading HIV and sexual health charity, has issued an advisory suggesting things people should keep in mind while being intimate. The trust says it is important for people to wear face mask during sex, avoid kissing, and face-to-face positions during sex.

Sex with caution

The charity revealed that 84 percent of people have refrained from sexual encounters with people outside their immediate household due to the COVID-19 restrictions. But now the restrictions are being relaxed and people are likely to venture out. Before that, THT has issued guidelines to ensure people engage in safe sex during COVID-19.

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At the same time, THT advises the best sexual partner during the pandemic is yourself. The charity encourages masturbation using sex toys or engaging in phone or online sex. However, if you choose to venture out, here's are a few guidelines.

Important tips to remember

  1. Sexual partners must wash their hands for 20 seconds before and after sex.
  2. Refrain from kissing
  3. Wear face mask during sex
  4. Choose sex positions that do not involve face-to-face encounter
  5. If you've symptoms, avoid engaging with others and isolate yourself
  6. If you're meeting someone new, discuss COVID-19 symptoms
  7. Use protection as the virus was found in semen too and even to protect against HIV

It is important to understand how COVID spreads, which is through saliva, mucus and breath of those infected.

"If you are going to touch each other's genitals it's likely that you will potentially be kissing at the same time - and we know the virus is passed through saliva," Dr Alex George told Radio 1 Newsbeat in March.