Sharan has teamed up with Simple Suni for his latest film Avatara Purusha. He has paired up with Ashika Ranganath with whom he had worked in Raambo 2.

Avatara Purusha Review
Avatara Purusha Review.PR Handout

The film has Saikumar in an important role. Sudha Rani, Bhavya, Sringar Kitty, Sadhu Kokila and others are part of the cast. Arjun Janya has scored the music for the film, which has William David's cinematography.

Dharka and Brahma Jois fight over the Trishanku Mani in a battle of mantras and soon after Jois turns up dead. Prior to his death, in order to protect his family, he deployed the Ashta Dhigbandana and hides the stone in his house. Will Dharka find it?

With the trailer and promos the movie has generated a lot of hype. Will Avatara Purusha live up to the expectations? Check it out in the audience's words:

Bigscreen: AvataraPurusha Part 1:
@SimpleSuni does something new with a tale of witch craft filled with comedy , humour. Excellent Direction ,Screenplay, narration & Mind-blowing intense climax. The last 20 mins is enough to make u hungry for Part 2.
Excellent Performance by @realSharaan
@AshikaRanganath.Great production value by
@PushkarFilms @Pushkara_M
.It's a Must watch movie ..Don't Miss this Unique Journey filled with entertainment , horror and Humours.

Shyam Prasad: #AvataraPurusha Part 1 is fun and full of Suni's sorcery. This black magic fantasy delivers the perfect potion of entertainment. There is more witchcraft in the tale than comedy. The climax feels more like an interval. So Part 2 ಬೇಗ ಬೇಕು . Full review by morning

Prathibha Joy: @pratshere
Rs 236 well spent. Thank you
@SimpleSuni @realSharaan
@Pushkara_M Can't wait for #AvataraPurusha 2

: #Avatarapurusha PREMIERE
#Interval update : If Suni was in RCB, we would have walked into playoffs - that's how he has delivered it in first half! Waiting to see if he bags the CUP in second half...
@SimpleSuni @Pushkara_M @realSharaan @AshikaRanganath
#NamCinema #AvataraPurusha An Entertaining Movie with good blend of Comedy Elements and Black Magic Concept.
Good Story Telling by @SimpleSuni
.@realSharaan is full of Energy through out. Srinagara Kitty,Bhavya and Sai Kumar performances are too good.
BGM & DOP Worth a Dekko.

Rajni Prasanna Rahul Kashyap: Just now finished Watching #Sharan's #AvataraPurusha in DRC Cinemas, I kind of liked it, first of all it's a new concept, songs are good and overall a good execution, but the story didn't end here
Waiting for Part 2, Please release it soon, don't make us wait for YEARS

Sandalwood Box Office: @KFI_BOXOFFICE
#AvataraPurusha Highlights
- Simple Suni's one liners
- VFX work looks impressive can't wait to see more in part -2
- Sharan and Ashika dance moves
- Rich making values of Cinema
-Crispy run time of 128 min
Part 2 bega bekuuuuuuu!!!
@Pushkara_M @AshikaRanganath

Yashwanth Rao: 1/2
#AvataraPurusha Review
A completly diffrent approach from all previous suni movies..m
Movie based on Family Emotions - Black Magic & Comedy
As this movie coming in 2parts the story has started yet...
Some scenes are thrilling
Sharan's entry scene was
Saikumar - ashika - Sirinagara kitty - Balaji Manohar - has did a good job...
BGM and Cinematography Is the Plus Point Of this movie
Overall It is a Good Movie To watch
Ratings- 3.5
Waiting For Part 2 !!!!!!!!!

Yaksh: Watched #AvataraPurusha Totally Paisa vasool entertainment
@SimpleSuni direction matra mast
Both 1st half 2nd half never gets bored and one liners
@realSharaan sir screen presence Awesome
@AshikaRanganath no words just killed with her acting
@Pushkara_M powerfull COMEback sir

VinayKumarSirsi: "Ashta Digbandana Mandalaka"ದ ಕಥೆ ಮುಗೀತು. ಇನ್ನು "TrishankuPayanam"ಗೆ ಕಾಯುವಿಕೆ. Climax won't disappoint us for sure. Plz watch it in the theatres near u. Good Job by the movie team
@SimpleSuni @realSharaan @Pushkara_M #Avatarapurusha #PremierShow #ಅವತಾರಪುರುಷ೧

ಸುಹಾಸ್ ಮಂಜುನಾಥ್: Proper web series material !! Done into a movie
Everything worked in the movie except for 2 songs which could have been trimmed
Bgm, Cinematography
Major portions left for PART 2!!
Overall a very good Attempt!!❤
@SimpleSuni @Pushkara_M