Horses are found to cause more number of deaths than insect and snake bites, a research reveals.Reuters

Research reveals that in recent years horses have killed more people in Australia than various other poisonous animals.

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Dr Ronelle Welton from the University of Melbourne analysed the data of hospital admissions as well as mortality data.

The statistics showed that over a span of 13 years, ranging from 2000 to 2013, 74 deaths were caused by horses, whereas other creatures such as snakes and stinging insects caused 27 deaths.

It was also observed that spiders did not cause a single death during these years. Though the main focus of the study was suppose to be on stinging and biting animals, the researcher focused on covering the number of deaths caused by horses too.

"Australia is known as the epicentre of all things venomous," Dr Welton told the BBC.

Welton found the fact surprising that most victims of an insect bite made it to the hospital and were treated.

The research also mentions allergic reactions caused by the stings and bites, which were the most dangerous.

The research concluded that a majority of injuries caused due to envenoming were caused by insects and snakes. 

It was also found that most of the deaths occurred at home where health and medical care were not accessible.

Here's a list of the top 10 most poisonous creatures from Down Under:

  1. Box jellyfish
  2. Honey bee
  3. Irukandji jellyfish
  4. Bull shark
  5. Eastern brown snake
  6. Saltwater or estuarine crocodile
  7. Sydney funnel web spider
  8. Blue-ringed octopus
  9. Coastal taipan snake
  10. Common death adder snake